Mars square Pluto toxic masculinity is dyingi

As I was writing the titles desire and deathstrucion was what I thought. Mars is male sexual desire anger action defences.

Pluto is death decay the unconscious, the shadow the psyche recycling toxic transformation power secrets control obsessions.

As Sigmund Freud noted: sex is the most powerful unconscious force that guides our lives. Because sex is the physical-biological and spiritual desire for life to keep creating life.

Freud also noted the death wish in psychology. An anti-life self-destructive inverted urge.

These two planets the red and the black Co-rule Scorpio. The new Moon in Scorpio on the 18th had Sun Moon Venus Vesta and Jupiter in Scorpio. A quintuply scorpionic powerhouse of change.

The news is reflecting the changes in toxic masculinity in America right now. The U. S. always reflects these planetary evolutionary changes the most.

Pluto destroys old outworn things. In Capricorn Pluto destroys the old boys corporate structures which were built by them for them.

This is such a positive energy. I feel elated to see the planets especially Pluto’s with Mars’s help creating long term effects literally destroying that old boys patriarchal sexual energy.

Mars and the North Node at 18 degrees Leo make a wide Finger of God aspect to Chiron in Pisces at 24 degrees. Yes women are feeling their wounds and expressing their pain from rape sexual and emotional abuse. Women will not be martyrs anymore for men’s libidinous unconscious demons.

This is all good. Death creates new life.

Where can you bring death to create new life for you personally?

The other side of Mars-Pluto is out of control anger rage destruction war and power struggles at the top of the food chain.

Be careful when using dangerous tools. Fire bombing terrorism retaliations and unconscious desires cannot be controlled.

Consciousness is the way. Get to know your inner demons. What is known cannot run you unconsciously. Deep scavengering of your shadows is recommended.

Pluto is unearthing the beasts.

Venus in Scorpio is approaching a sextile to Pluto. Women are empowering themselves. Women must be careful that their own shadows and unconscious lust for Power and control does not overtake them in a backlash as well.

Mars in LIBRA desires balance. In Venus sign they are in mutual reception and greatly helpful.

This is all good. A new balance in sexual relations is being born.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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4 thoughts on “Mars square Pluto toxic masculinity is dyingi

    • Toxic Masculinity or Power over hierarchies are being challenged by women now and rightly so. Women are always sexual objects kept down and inferior and taken advantage of for many thousands of years. This energy is to try and bring a new balance between the masculine and feminine. The backlash can be toxic feminine and that would not be healthy to replace one type of power over for another.


      • And yet feminists have not replaced it with anything better. Instead they have deliberately undermined, disenfranchised and nearly driven the two parent family composed of a man and a woman into extinction. Poisoned intimate relationships between men and women so that untold numbers of men believe that they have no other viable choice but to avoid dating, marriage and having children like the plague. As they wait for the inevitable collapse of our feminine dominated society when they will be able to put women back into their proper place while they are picking up the pieces and cleaning up the mess created by the feminists.


      • Its not feminism that has destroyed the nuclear family. That is a NWO tactic to divide and conquer and control individuals. The men afraid to date women who are so strong need to define a new way of being masculine as they have been purposely emasculated by the cultue they have been programmed. Society is not dominated by women. If you are younger you may think so. The baby boomers have lived through a huge cultural change and you are only thinking of the west. Billions of Muslim women in countries throughout the world have absolutely no rights and are just chattel they are still living in the patriarchal dark ages.The feminists are re-acting to being dominated for 5000 years. This is a deeply culturally embedded brainwashing campaign that has been waged to dominate and suppress the Divine Feminine and the earth in all religions. Your title Boy Toy says it all. Who wants to be with a boy unless you are a child and who would define themselves as a Toy? Wake up. Women can certainly manipulate men with sex. The modern woman has becomea patriarchal man in a woman’s body. We are just redefining what women are.And certaily we are in a modern age which is not the same as what once existed. There are myriads of types of ways women can define themselves- as mothers as single career women etc etc.There is so much pressure to have and do it all that women never had to accompish in this way ever before.Dont blame feminists. Learn some history and some herstory.


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