We are living myths. Rape of the earth

We are living Myths. Just like the great mythology writer Joseph Campbell said.

The major Venus square Pluto event Oct 27 is really another version of the Persephone story about her being raped by Pluto/Hades.

Rape Myths are alive. Astrology. Tara Greene


As above so below.

We are collectively unconscious. We are living under PLUTO’S domain.

The underworld is the unconscious.

Consumer-capitalist culture rapes the earth. 

Women are marching around as they should speaking about being raped by men.

But we are all rapists as we continue to buy; consume; purchase and use without consequence or awareness of what the effects of our buying are doing to our Mother the Earth. Persephone’s Mom is Demeter the Earth Gaia.  Especially Millenials who are being touted as flocking to witchcraft and Astrology. Putting crystals into everything from water to makeup. The fad for coconut oil and milk is deforesting huge areas of palm trees which prevent flooding. Think of the consequences.

Don’t you see this?

Anything that is not sustainable is raping the earth.

Anything that uses others is raping the earth.

Anything that takes without asking of the animals plants mineral spirits inherent within all sentient and non-sentient beings on the planet. Actually, everything is conscious and has a spirit. You just have to be aware enough to tune into that.

We have to stop raping our own mother.

We have to stop raping ourselves. We are eating ourselves alive. We are eating our children’s future. We are a cancer to ourselves. Billions of people are programmed to consume more than they need by advertising and corporations for their own profits. Life is all about consuming. In effect, all we do is spend most of our time doing “Maintenance” our entire lives. But when maintenance becomes maintaining a standard of living which becomes a dead end. What is that all about?

Everything that is going on the “outside” in the world is a total mirror of the Unconscious Collective which PLUTO represents. 

PLUTO rules the sign of SCORPIO along with MARS. Mars is in LIBRA now Venus’s sign. Venus is in LIBRA too. Venus carries more weight and heft right now in this configuration.

It’s important on this Venus PLUTO square which is so very relevant now that we think about this very deeply. We are in SCORPIO territory which PLUTO rules. We need to go deeper and examine WTF we are doing.

Scorpio territory until Nov. 8, 2018. Better get ready to keep diving deeper and deeper and facing our own dark sides. Our own shadows. It’s kinda like being PMS for a whole year.

VENUS Square Pluto’s Shadows are shady values. 

Watch out for huge explosions in your relationships. VENUS square Pluto is volatile. He wants to be in control. Women are erupting with ancient rage. These are SCORPIO times. Think about what its like on a Scorpio moon. The whole next year will be like that.

This is also a dangerous situation with market volatility. VENUS rules money luxury the arts. 

A danger of terrorist attacks by women or at women. 


Katy Perry Hillary Clinton

Seth McFarland John Cleese. Napoleon Hill “think and grow rich.”

and some famous artists like Picasso Roy Lichtenstein. Poet Dylan Thomas


BONO of U2  Eric Clapton Quincy Jones

Alan Rickman- Professor Snape. Michael Keaton.

Film Director Alfred Hitchcock and J.J. Abrams Actor Martin Lawrence.

Edie Sedgwick- ANdy Warhol superstar

Ryan Reynolds Mark Wahlberg Singer Steven Tyler Film Director J.J. Abrams

The State of California itself- Californication.

Famous CELEBS with 3 degrees Scorpio ASCENDANTS

Tom Cruise  Vladimir Putin  James Franco;  Caitlyn Jenner

Edgar Allen Poe  Paul Cezanne  Chuck Berry  Charlton Heston

Israel’s declaration of Independence


EAT POMEGRANATES that is the fruit Persephone ate in the underworld.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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7 thoughts on “We are living myths. Rape of the earth

  1. Many years ago I wrote an article about the consequences of purchasing crystals, especially the ones that are extracted from poor countries. Not only it is very damaging for the environment but also we promote slavery in such mines. Sadly, many people got upset about that article because there are too many people, not just millenials, but also older people who collect crystals without a purpose or just with the excuse to use them for healing purposes without thinking about consequences. Some people even got angry. It struck me how far away many lightworkers are from being truly conscious about their decisions. I used to collect a few crystals, but after reading the tags and seeing that some came from Africa and doing research, I felt bad and stopped buying them.

    I think that it is not wrong to have some crystals but a lot of people do exaggerate and fill their homes with them or do not even intend to keep a balance by using them for goodness.

    Thank you for writing this Tara. Blessings

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    • We need to keep prodding people into awareness. Spirituality and consumerism are opposites so it’s ironic how many billions of dollars of yoga pants chai lattes crystals Pali santo now whatever the latest fad and trend is. Very few are really conscious. The world would be a much quieter slower simpler more natural place if all those who pose as spiritual walked and lived the teachings. I’m not afraid to say it. Karma is consequences. Except that our Mother Earth is suffering.


  2. Beautiful article. We must be conscious and use only what we need giving care to the replenishment rate of resources. But it is money that is the real problem, and we have to address money because it is at the basis of everything we do – including the distribution system. All of that has to change because it sponsors the rape of Mother Earth.

    One thing that sunk my heart was at the end where you cite copyright. I know many have not been thinking about this but copyright is something we must totally repudiate if we wish to live in a different paradigm. Censorship of any kind must never be acceptable. Yes there will be problems but nothing compared to the problems censorship would wrought, and does. We all copy – that is part of being alive, if we didn’t copy we’d have to keep reinventing the wheel. The new paradigm will be led by women as men are the most violent gender and we simply can’t risk their lack of wisdom and their warrish natures now that weaponry has the capability for such devastation. Men have led for millenia,they’ve had their chance. If we want the greatest carers, then look to the women.

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    • I understand what you are saying about copying, it’s just that I need to make sure my work isn’t stolen and reused by someone else. In an honor bound ethical society no one would ever dare to steal someone else’s words. But we aren’t there yet. Not much is original it’s true. It we keep opening our minds to creAte new windows vistas viewpoints. One thing dies not Co fluctuate with the other. Thanks for your feedback


  3. I have to say that I also disagree with the point about copyright that Denise mentions, as well as the idea that money is the problem. Money was created as a medium of exchange to teach ancient societies to assign value to resources in a more responsible way. If people are not fair or responsible in the use of resources then there must be an easier way to teach people, so money was created to make things easier. Try to remove money from a society where people are not fair and see what happens, also at some point people will end up using notes to exchange goods adding the time factor. Someone might not want to purchase something right away and barter, and that is another reason why money exists.

    Like Tara says, not everyone is honest and for that reason copyright was created.

    In new age people are led to believe money is the problem, and they are taught to cast blame on institutions, and while it is true that things are out of control because many of those who hold power are corrupt, also people contribute with little dishonest actions to make the massive shadow grow.

    I hope we continue growing beyond our limiting beliefs and understand that we are all responsible for what we see around us.



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