Blessings of water and fire

Oct 24 The uplifting Sagittarius Moon conjuncts serious Saturn in the morning. It may be very hard to wake up from a very heavy sleep.

Moon-Saturn conjunctions are seriously disciplined and love hard work. The Sagittarius kind. Adventure dreaming about traveling telling the truth being judgemental hypocritical or pontificating.

Serious black humor is the mode of the day.


Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

This is a very deep dive into the oceans of the unconscious early in the day. You will feel a strong connection between your conscious and unconscious minds today.

This aspect can bring up a lot of deep pain and tears.There is a lot of healing coming up from the depths. Crying us very healthy. 

Your ability to have x-ray vision may surprise you. Trust your intuition and deep insights today. Its a good day for meditation visualization waking and sleeping dreaming. Lucid dreaming too.

Addictions projection and obsession levels are high. Don’t over drink vape or drug and be careful even with regular meds today.

GRAND FIRE TRINE continues to burn

Napoleon Bousseau charcoal Angel Gallery Toronto

Late capitalism/ feminism. Siberian charcoal  Napoleon Brousseau

Grand Fire Trine from Sagittarius Moon and Lilith to Eris and Uranus in Aries and North Node continues to burn.

This is the ongoing fire trine since the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse. A volcano is ready to explode. It’s positive inspiring optimistic with wild and crazy humor. 

Women are ready to explode with more truth. Most people were shocked that almost every woman they know had been sexually abused because of the #MeTo campaign. Like the James Brown song “This is a man’s man’s man’s world.” Even in this fairly advanced place of freedom for women in the West we have been too afraid to speak our truth and Our pain and our anger.

Women use Lilith as your logo and let 5,000 years of patriarchal suppression oppression rape backstabbing murder and lies die.

Women need to keep the support and their truths going.

Moon is void of course from 9:44 am PDT: 12:44 pm EDT/ 4:44 pm GMT.

Moon enters practical grounded head-butting and corporate ladder climbing Capricorn @ 5:12 pm PDT.

Moon squares Mars in Libra

Initiate a harmonic balance releasing all judgments.

Moon sextiles sun and Jupiter in PDT

Oct 25 in early a.m. This is a nice easy positive aspect between Libra fairness and Jupiter in Scorpio intensity. 

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