October Tarot Astro Vlog Guide Tara Greene

In case you missed it on FACEBOOK LIVE. Here is your TAROT- ASTROLOGY overview for each sign from me Agent 129 of the Cosmic Intelligence agency with a few keywords to guide you. Take note of your SUN sign Ascendant and Moon sign if you know them for this months guidance. Cosmic Intelligence Agency Tara Greene Agent 129

4:26 Aries 0 Fool !-LOL at everything; beginning; starting over; in the now.

5:43 Taurus – 9 The Hermit-listening to your guts; health; work; solitary

7:40 GEMINI – 6 The Lovers-balance the opposites; love; self-love; marriage

9:40 CANCER – 4 Emperor- Power; foundation; balance; roots; action

11:32 LEO – 16 The Tower- shock; wake up; destruction of old ego identity

13:27 Virgo 1 – The Magician- Initiating; working magic; juggling ideas

16:10 LIBRA – 19 SUN-Self awareness; the Light; source; positive energy

17:38 SCORPIO – 15 The Devil-Temptation; shadows; projections

19:11 SAGITTARIUS – 20 Judgement-Rebirth; connecting with angels

21:12 CAPRICORN – 17 The Star-Higher consciousness; breakthroughs

 23:28 AQUARIUS – 5 Hierophant-body wisdom; higher self-connection

 24:52 PISCES – 12 Hanged Man- surrender; addictions;compassion

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