North Korea and Trump heavy Astrology

North Korea’s KIM Jong-un and President Trump are hurling threats and insults at each other over North Korea missile testing and now threatening to detonate an H-bomb in the Pacific which could lead to a devastating nuclear war.  What’s with the Kim’s in the news?

North Korea Donald Trump astrology Tara Greene

KIM Jong-un whose country is ironically titled the DEMOCRATIC People’s Republic of Korea is run by a lunatic egomaniac dictator. I wanted to investigate North Korea’s birth chart with Trump’s. Kim Jong-un is the representative of his own country.

North Korea was born September 10, 1948,  Pyongyang North Korea at 12:01 a.m. An uptight super organized OCD of a VIRGO country the SUN is in the 4th house. It is hidden away in its uptight little nest away from the rest of the world. 

Why does the supreme leader love Atomic Missiles? It has its Ascendant at zero degrees CANCER {home} and one of the  WORLD POINTS! with URANUS  planet of chaos revolution freedom and atomic energy on the ASCENDANT. Defending its soft insecure face to the world behind big phallic atomic weapons. 

OF COURSE, it has its bombastic Venus Pluto and SATURN in LEO the sign of kings dictators megalomaniacs and showoffs in the world. Those who LOVE DRAMA. 

SATURN the planet of Karma is at 28 degrees LEO which was the traditional point of Fixed STAR REGULUS- the sign of divine right of Kings. That exactly conjuncts Donald Trump’s Natal Mars and Ascendant which were both impacted directly from the Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo August 21st! Great balls of fire!

Look at that KARMIC SATURN MARS CONJUNCTION in LEO on that fated degree between Trump and KIM! 

LOOK at TRUMP’S SUN URANUS NORTH NODE conjunction in GEMINI-opposite his own SAGITTARIUS MOON and SOUTH NODE conjunct to North Korea’s JUPITER! THIS IS big and boasty and all talk and good cop bad cop and bad foreign relations. And all that Squares – a hard aspect N. Korea’s SUN in VIRGO. 

They have a NEPTUNE-{delusional} Mercury-{communications}  CHIRON -{wounded} JUPITER-{Large} in  LIBRA -{imbalanced} conjunction! Projecting their own wounds onto the other. 

Mercury Retrograde and Mars crossed over that around the Sept 6 Full Moon setting off this latest kerfluffle. Mars is the God of War and we are revisiting what was ignited August 21st and every 18+ years going back-back-back in History.

North Korea has MARS @ 4 degrees Scorpio conjunct its SOUTH NODE in the 5th and North Node in TAURUS in the 11th. Mars rules SCORPIO so its macho testosterone competitive power-hungry obsessive death sex control secret energies are Extremely strong impulsive and powerfully vindictive and ruthless. Mars in the 5th is a child-man a puffed out vain play acting kid on the world’s stage. 

The Moon is in SAGITTARIUS @ 8 degrees; JUPITER @ 20 degrees the ruler of SAGITTARIUS in the 6th house squares it own SUN. This is its International relations which are very meager. It is the servant to China actually. A Sag. Virgo square is indicative of a wounded ailing country pretending to be OK and all of its citizens are slave-servants to the King.

CHIRON on SCORPIO at 20 degrees squares PLUTO in LEO

Chiron the wounded healer in the 5th is a wounded child soul. This country’s leader is an immature child throwing temper tantrums when it doesn’t get what it wants. The dictators of this lineage have enslaved and brainwashed their people for generations now. An escapee North Korean woman who spoke at a Ted talk said the word love does not exist in North Korea. They are ignorant of the rest of the world and brainwashed to believe their leader is a god-like figure. 

North Korea’s North Node in TAURUS is conjunct to TRUMP’s EROS. This is definitely some heavy metals sexual foreplay with who has the bigger dick missile. So infantile and so dangerous.

Transitting SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is touching off TRUMPS’s GEMINI SUN URANUS North NODE and his MOON in SAG. and North Korea’s JUPITERS which is BIG GUNS. This is a big showdown at the Not O.K. Corral which is AMERICA these days. 

North Korea needs THE GODDESS to come and slap KIM in the bum and give him a time out- like forever. And maybe Trump too. 

Go watch Dr. Strangelove if you never have. PLot: ” An insane general triggers a path to nuclear holocaust that a war room full of politicians and generals frantically tries to stop.” Directed and co-written by Stanley Kubrick 1964. It’s a comedy. Let’s hope this situation is not a real-life comedy of errors and bombs literally.

Send your visualizations for world peace to North Korea and Donald Trump for the benefit of all.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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3 thoughts on “North Korea and Trump heavy Astrology

  1. Hi Tara. Thank you for this. I have a question: is there some reason you used Trump / North Korea natal charts, as opposed to Trump / Kim Jong Un or American / North Korean natal charts? Thanks!!


    • hi Lorraine I mashed up a Mundane chart of a country chart with a personal chart of Trump just because it felt so strong. Usually, you would do person to person charts but i see Kim as the embodiment of North Korea in my books interchangeable. Not kosher I know. But my intuition told me to do it that way.


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