Prayers to the planet

This is the UN International Day of Peace and the beginning of the Jewish and Islamic New years.  I am sending prayers of Peace to the planet.


Mexico Peace Day Astrology Tara Greene

Virgin of Guadalupe Patron Saint of Mexico

Happy New Year to my friends family and clients who celebrate Rosh Hashanah.

The MOON is in LIBRA we’re getting ready for EQUINOX on the 22nd. I’ll write about that later.

Sending blessings to Mexico in its devastating earthquakes. Sending prayers to all the Caribbean islands and U.S. Areas being hit with more Hurricanes.

The Moon is in LIBRA so take some deep breaths and get balanced. I found the New Moon energy on the 20th to be very frenetic. I was busy all day with clients in Colorado and a very long record 2 hours long reading with a client in Australia and a client in person. 

The Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES in the wee hours which may affect your sleeping patterns negatively. I find New Moon energy also keep me awake like Full Moon energies do. Do you feel this?  Neptune in Pisces helps us to tune into the psychic telepathic spiritual wisdom source in our unconscious easily. The universe exists there. All positive and negative things dwell there. LIBRA moon just wants superficial niceties.  

Moon squares pLUTO

Like it or not those shadows must arise. This is a good thing. The shadows we ignore get stronger the more we resist them. Power struggles and secret whispers occur at this time.


I know this sounds like sexting to you millenials. This is a lovely socializing energy in the evening. Go out to dance or watch an adventure film or take a foreign language class or a lovely dinner. Talk politics and religion- the two taboos. Go to a comedy club and laugh.

As we are leaving one season behind this is a good time to recollect where you were on the SOLSTICE three months ago. What have you harvested? What did you learn. Reflect on this for a bit.

The equinox begins the next three months journey. 2017 is winding down already. 

October sees a big shift as JUPITER enters SCORPIO OCTOBER 10 for a year. SATURN enters his home sign CAPRICORN on DECEMBER 19.

So its important to finish up the LIBRA nicey nice socializing energy quickly. Begin to close in on SAGITTARIUS type things- teaching traveling plans educational goals learning publishing legal matters and optimism. 

Gotta go I’m tired. If you have planets at 27 degrees MUTABLE signs- GEMINI VIRGO SAGITTARIUS or PISCES let me know just how tired and or sick you are. The New MOON”s energies really kicked that up a notch.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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