Venus in Virgo. Sun opposes Chiron. Love and Compassion

I’ll be on the road today sept 18 and 19th.

lots going on today. We’re dealing with Virgo-Pisces issues with Virgo sun opposing Chiron, Mercury opposite ┬áNeptune and Venus entering Virgo.

Sun opppses Chiron in Pisces 26+degrees and squaring Galactic Center.

  1. We will collectively be feelings our wounds our vulnerabilities and our human imperfections.  Virgo sun is the super critical perfectionist and we may be able to get valuable insights about the impossibility of being perfect.

Usually we are our own worst critics. Especially those Virgo sun and any folks with planets or nodes in Virgo know this inner critic only too well.

Be compassionate with yourself and others. We are actually spiritual beings temporarily residing in human bodies.

If your health feels weak today the Sun Chiron opposition will bring it on. Pay attention to your body. It will tell you exactly where it hurts.

Venus enters Virgo today

So gotta love those Virgo’s. This is an especially good time to get things done. Get things finished. Hunker down. It’s that “back to school” time of year anyway.

Mercury opposes Neptune in Chiron @ 12 degrees

do somecreallyvpractical dreaming today.

Im on the road and hit to go.

please share widely

all writing is copyright tara greene

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