Grand Fire and Love is a battlefield

One week of September is over. Things are very intense out there. The Hurricanes and the most powerful CME in 11 years which triggered an  8.4 earthquake in Mexico this morning. I am sending prayers and blessings to all of those in the storms and earth shaking events. The Total Solar eclipse effects will be felt for the next 9 months remember.

Call upon Archangel Raphael which was the traditional degree of the Eclipse if things seem too crazy.

I will start writing weekly overviews and short dailies. I am feeling 2018 looming at me already. We are also finishing up JUPITER’s time in LIBRA. 

NUMERLOGY OF TODAY  9/8/17 addition  is9+ 8= 17 indicates that things will add up.


Grand Fire Trine Astrology Tara Greene

Aries MOON trines VENUS in LEO and later SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

An annoying inconjunct between the two Luminaries Moon and SUN in Virgo may make for short tempers impatience with imperfection and fussing over details. 

Moon squares PLUTO as it slows down to turn direct September 28 

As Planets slow to direct motion they are virtually motionless and even stronger in their effects. Expect emotional blow ups shadow leaping out from the unconscious and spontaneous combustion. 

the Moon ends the day opposing JUPITER in LIBRA in PDT/Sept. 9  EDT/GMT 

this is a good socializing aspect speed dating meeting many new people. Jupiter in Libra favors the arts go to a play watch music have a soiree or an artists salon. It will be fun. 



Sat Sept. 9                       VENUS in LEO inconjunct PLUTO in CAPRICORN

An inconvenient truth around LOVE ego’s power players control.

Who is the QUEEN in this scenario?  The Queen of hearts yells “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS” perhaps an Alice in Wonderland experience. 

Obsession jealousy revenge seeking damages ruination death of love affairs. 

As this aspect occurs in the wee hour’s dreams may feature shadows nightmares bondage and the like. 

The high side of this one is to build an altar to Venus and pledge your soul to serve LOVE and only love.  Put Venusian things copper blue and green flowers incense images of Venus. A pentagram the number 5 is her sacred number. 

Political power struggles too. Earth changes. Women need to bring down the Divine Feminine GODDESS courage heart energy to stop the global massive power control mechanism.  CAll upon DURGA LION GOddesses and roar. 

Can be very sexy and rough if you like it that way. 

PLease share widely. all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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