Grand Fire Trine big hair. The C word

August 30 that SAGITTARIUS Moon keepings our mane’s flying.

Big Hair Sagittarius Moon trine mars in Leo Tara Greene

Are you hot to trot?

Be careful of shooting your mouth off today in typical Hoof in Mouth Moon time.

SAGE moon conjuncts SATURN in the morning. Grumpy old equine stuff. An optimistic Sagittarius can get grumpy and down. They have very high expectations. Sagittarius Moon is a high energy optimistic thang. They always bounce back Sagittarius as they are the red rubber balls of the zodiac.

SAGE MOON sextiles its planetary ruler JUPITER in LIBRA 

Ah, a lovely sweet balanced energy to get Sagittarius social life together.

Sagittarius MOON trines MARS in LEO @ 27 DEGREES

yES PARTY down set your course for adventure and being center stage and wild and free and shout out your truth from the rooftops and kick and snort and buck and whinny and toss you mane around. It’s a big hair day. 

Sage MOON squares CHIRON in PISCES

oops shot your mouth off and hurt some sensitive water signs feelings did you? Tsk Tsk. Go back to the stable and put on your feed bag and figure out if you can laugh your way out of this one. 

MOON conjuncts Galactic Center trine URANUS RETROGRADE @ 28 Aries 

This is a super heated Galactic download opportunity. Break free of whatever demons gremlins entities energies excuses issues past history is holding you back under this kind of volcanic explosion of position KUNDALINI energy.

I have just sent in a resume to get on some national media TV/net so send me your loving intentions and visualize me out there in the world enlightening people. PLease root for me I have been putting out the call to be asked to go big on media which I love. Send your prayers that I get this. It’s my dream to be on a show with other astrologers oracles witches tarot readers. The Total Eclipse is smack on my M.C. yes i am going for it.

A great night for tantric sex. You don’t have to have a partner to do this. It can be done with simple breathing techniques which I learned from my teacher 25 years ago. Kundalini energy is the sacred snake energy coiled at the base of your spine. Sexual energy used properly with open hearted consciousness raises your consciousness and clears the chakras. But it must be done with the correct intent purity humility honor and respect.


The word KUNDALINI is the Sanskrit root word for Kunt translated and popularized these days as the C word. I hate to see men put down women using this word and women saying it to other women as a put-down. I had heard the C word was originally from an Indian Goddess KUNTI. I didn’t realize kundalini was the same root until the other day someone pointed it out on FB. Unbelievable that i didn’t see this connection till now! I love etymology. That C word is a sacred word. Women need to take it back as a word which honors their sexual powers as women generate the kundalini energy from their sacred wombs. The Men can get a small intellectual imitation of it on their own. But the real thing comes from women. 

That’s all for now folks.

If you are feeling tired remember there are CME’s incoming today and tomorrow. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

get a totally honest reading with me I am a Sagittarius

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