How to transcend irritating planets

The SAGITTARIUS optimistic Moon’s mood will be tested today as will ours.

The Moon squares the SUN as we are in the 1st Quarter Moon and a week until the Full Moon in Pisces.  This is also a MERCURY retrograde in VIRGO which tends to make the communications stuff go off the wall even more so. 

SUN @ 6 degrees VIRGO semi-squares Jupiter at 21 degrees LIBRA

This 45-degree angle is sorta pushy slightly irritating. The Virgo Sun’s grounded hard-working perfectionism doesn’t feel good to Jupiter in Libra’s let’s do social nice and superficial all the time.

The MOON Squares NEPTUNE in PISCES in the evening 

Dream Lucid astrology Tara Greene

 by Jason Limon 2016

This is a great energy to do yoga under and meditate. Stay calm and peaceful and centered and grounded.  Get into a long soaking rebirthing bath with Epson salts and aromatherapy oils like lavender. We are under intense pressure its only been a week since the ECLIPSE! 

This is great energy to listen to music or do Kirtan or sit by water a lake or river and stay in a dreamy half focussed connection to the cosmos. In spite of all the terrible things happening in the world you can create and send energy from your own blissed out heart space to help others. 

Use this energy to program Lucid Dreaming tonight.

Also be on the alert for a SOLAR STORM from a CME hitting earth probably on Aug 31. 

I started to feel dizzy as if everything begins to go sideways. check out 

Gotta go blessings to all the people in Houston and in the path of the Hurricane.

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3 thoughts on “How to transcend irritating planets

  1. Well with an open carry gun license in Texas and all the racial violence towards blacks and anybody that ain’t white I would say that Karma is hitting Texas in the ass especially during the Scorpio Moon and the moon now squaring in irritable Sag… They got I guess what was coming to them plus the oil has stopped making it a bit more expensive to buy gas which is good. So yes it might not be pretty but look elsewhere in the World like India with their fake guru worship and destroying everything in their path and N. Korea shooting missiles over Japan. Samsara has gotten worse before and after the TOTAL ECLIPSE!!!

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    • Texas also just banned women from getting insurance to pay for abortions. Texas women now need “rape insurance.” That is so disgusting to me. Karma balances itself out. It is climate change from pollution and the SUN much of this has nothing to do with us. The Sun is at solar minimum and we are actually headed into a mini Ice Age the poles are melting and moving. eclipses happen 4 times a year. This one has just focussed its energy on America big time. Mother Nature and the planets are just doing their thing in alignment with cause and effect.


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