Hurricane Harvey and the Total Solar Eclipse

Six days ago “The Great American Eclipse” crossed the U.S. in a totality that hadn’t been seen in 99 years. Eclipses are harbingers of great turnings of events on many levels. They re-occur at the same degree every 18 years.

Even though the Eclipse path did not cross near Houston devastated by Hurricane Harvey the astrology chart of the eclipse including Asteroid HARVEY #4278 and the Astro-cartography map shows just how much the Eclipse predicted this disaster.

Total Solar Eclipse Hurricane Harvey Astrology Tara Greene

The Solar Eclipse in LEO Aug 21 set for Houston Texas shows the Sun and Moon at totality right on the Mid Heaven- High Noon- the point of worldly fame at Zero degrees VIRGO the place where Fixed Star Regulus is now indicating some major notoriety in the world from this event. 

The ASCENDANT or rising sign in Houston is Scorpio an intense water sign known for bringing deep transformations death and rebirth. MARS is the ruling planet of Scorpio traditionally and is conjunct the North Node of FATE and the Eclipsed SUN. Mars rules the face or mask of Houston from the eclipse showing the changes made by this disaster. BTW disaster means without a star.  

PLUTO the modern ruler of SCORPIO is in CAPRICORN in the 2nd house or resources wealth and money and is in an exact opposition to Dwarf Planet CERES the EARTH mother at 17 degrees CANCER another water sign as well as opposed to VENUS another planetary ruler of money and resources in the 8th house which is traditionally SCORPIONIC- all about death change resurrection and money from others and water. They are all square to JUPITER the planet which expands whatever it touches in LIBRA in the 11th house of organizations shared power; joining together to give love and support. 


Sitting at the very last and most critical degree of water sign CANCER which rules homes emotional safety security and real estate conjunct to Venus is in a WATER TRINE with CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER in PISCES in the chart’s 4th house naturally Cancerian further impacting the painful wounding inflicted by the floods to people’s roots and homes. These are in a GRAND Trine with the SCORPIO ASCENDANT. Even though the Eclipse was in Fire with a Grand Fire Trine the influence of flooding waters is seen very clearly here.

MERCURY is RETROGRADE in VIRGO in the 10th house of fame career notoriety and opposed to NEPTUNE ruler of water floods oil deception delusion and dreams. 

Astro-cartography map of the Sun/Moon lines at Eclipse are very close to Houston. 

Astro-cartography map Hurricane Harvey Tara Greene

The ASTRO-CARTOGRAPHY map at the eclipse Totality shows the SUN and MOON aligned running north/ south right through Winnipeg Manitoba Canada down through Minnesota; Omaha; Wichita; near Dallas Waco and about 80 miles West of Houston going south to Oaxaca Mexico.

The effects of all eclipses last up to nine months. I will post a post-eclipse management article. 

I am sending blessings and prayers to the people in Houston who have been hit with a devastating storm and flooding which will cause billions of dollars to fix and affects the Oil industry as well. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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