Virgo time. Love hurts Venus Trine Chiron

In the aftermath of the Total eclipse. It’s VIRGO TIME and the Moon is in Virgo too so stay grounded. 

The all detail oriented Virgo moon is busy working of course.

VIRGO MOON square to Stern Saturn in the wee hours.

You may have very heavy serious dreams. Older people authority figures elder wise guides your father or other old issues from when you traveled or were in school may appear. Take notes.  

MOON opposes Venus in CANCER

A good day to organize or clean or cook. Do call your mom or a sister friend or other female you know and check on their health.

Virgo Moon opposes CHIRON in PISCES

The eclipse after effects are very emotional. You will feel wounded vulnerable ultra sensitive and out of joint emotionally. Old emotional issues will float to the surface like suitcases that you flung off a bridge what seems like thousands of years ago. Conflicts on the job; feeling insecure about how good you are at your work and judging yourself too harshly are to be expected.

MOON ENTERS LIBRA in the evening

Time to attempt to achieve balance peace and get social. Expect to be the Go-between the ambassador. Libra moons make it difficult to decide what we want. 

VENUS in CANCER trines CHIRON in PISCES @ 27+ degrees

Love hurts love scars love wounds. Isn’t that how the song goes? Time to sing sad love songs sing the blues cry yourself a river. This aspect doesn’t only bring out woundings it brings out insecurities feeling vulnerable helpless like a martyr. Old shadow material is recycling and circulating. Allow these deep emotional wounds to come up to the surface. Cry as much as you feel you need to. Make something creative with your pain. Transmute it.

Make something creative with your pain. Transmute it. Like Artist Frida Kahlo did.

All archetypal journeys must begin with a wounding. That is why we are here in the physical world experiencing our emotions they are our gold. 

This aspect is Aug 24 in EDT and GMT

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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