Digesting the eclipse, Mars trine Saturn 

How was that eclipse for you? Up here in toronto we only got to see about 70%. My family and I got stuck in a traffic jam en route to our country destination. It was scorching hot and humid. A trip that should take 2.5 hours e fed up taking  almost 4.  It hardly got dark here but it was very quiet no birds sang and I saw the shadows from the trees change color on the ground. We felt the energy shift. I sent intentions to join with those meditating around the world. Our intentions were about strength, the heart, courage passion creativity leadership and being the stars of our own shoes. Then very quickly after totality it became sunny again. 

Fire trine Tara Greene astrology  Mars in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius 

The moon is in Virgo now it’s time to get grounded. Stay humble.Most of  all Digest the eclipse experience.  Remember that the effects last 9months to a year. 

Because it is new moon time I sat with three other women in a sacred moon lodge/red tent. We sat on an authentic Tibetan yurt. It was absolutely pitch black in there. We talked and shared ideas on how to remember the ancient feminine lineages pre-patriarchy which have been buried disguised and appropriated. The talks were about parthenogenesis or immaculate conception. You know how Jesus and most avatars are born. Also recovering ancient Pleiades and sirian and other ancient knowledge basis. We talked about natural fertility birthing and many other things. There were 3 older women who are Chrones and a young woman in her 20’s who is getting married soon. We were each an element. 

Mars in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius 

Be brace, aim higher , spark the truth wherever you go. This is beneficial fire, spirits, a passion for knowledge, adventure, light heartededness  and honesty. 

Find the teachers you need. Ones who are sages, who have studied for years. These are not Internet trained in a weekend course. Study history, know your history. “Those that don’t remember history I compelled to repeat it. ” I can’t remember whose quote that is right now.,I will not google it. 

Trust your intuition and your Desire for optimism truth and justice. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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3 thoughts on “Digesting the eclipse, Mars trine Saturn 

  1. Hi Tara, Impressions of the eclipse north of San Francisco: it was foggy, but the local state park Observatory had live feeds from the Oregon Coast point-of-entry and NASA space equipment, shown on a very large screen under the observatory dome, so we watched the total eclipse for over 2 hours end-to-end. It was profound, powerful, and heart opening, IMO because of the conjunction with Regulus, heart of Leo, connected to Sphinx (built during age of Leo by the Sirians). Everyone watching was ecstatic and jubilant, in huge celebrations across the country; a unifying, spiritual event effecting millions from the cosmic heart. Interesting your group reflected on parthogenesis: August 22 is celebrated each year as the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, on the eighth day after her Assumption into heaven, and on the 22nd, the Sun went into Virgo. I sang 22 Gregorian chants in a Mass to Mary yesterday; although I’m not catholic, I sing medieval and classical music. Back to the eclipse: Visually, the Sun and Moon switched roles: the sun became a crescent, and the moon became a dark sun disk. At totality, the ‘diamond ring’ of the sun’s corona created 6-pointed Stars of David at least 3-4 times in various forms, which rays brilliantly elongated and then morphed into dazzling light. I think 6 is related to Venus…6th sign is also Virgo. I’ll try to send you photos if I can find your email address.


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