How to dedicate yourself to Goddess Vesta


Neptune is ineffable; the spiritual the creative Muse the inspiration behind all creative acts.


 Vesta in Virgo is the Focus on the flame of spirit. The daily humble practical and very much maintenance part of life. I had an epiphany years ago about MAINTENANCE. Most of our lives are spent doing just that for most of our lives. We need to brush our teeth and our hair every day. We must maintain our bodies by eating. We must make money by working. We must maintain our relationships. We must maintain our health so we can live life to the fullest. We must manage our affairs and pay attention to the details. How very Virgo. Virgo is the Virgin Goddess/ Constellation.

 Vesta the Goddess of the Hearth and the flame whose root word is in use every day as investments. We do revere this Goddess. She is the investiture of power. The Vestal Virgins were very important in Ancient Rome. They created special items used in everyday offerings and rituals they had power and freedom. The last Vestal Virgin existed until A.D. 394.  


Before the ROMANS: A Vestal Virgin was a Priestess dedicated to serving the Goddess VESTA as the hearth flame and earth mother. They were not non-sexual originally at all but totally sexual Tantric Priestesses. In ancient Greece, every unmarried woman had to serve in VESTA’s temples for a year before being was allowed to marry. These Priestesses focussed their hearts and wills and knew how to raise kundalini energy. They had sacred sex with men to heal them from PTSD before the men were allowed to integrate back into society. This was a very revered and honored position.

Invoke and integrate the energies of Neptune and Vesta by dedicating your everyday maintenance to Her who is your self.

Make vows to serve the Goddess in very humble everyday ways. When you work your work should be an offering of service to the Great Mother. Your food should be grown and consumed with reverence for the Earth. Your love making should be an act of pleasure dedicated to the Goddess. Putting on makeup should be a spiritual act of embodying the beauty of the goddess.  Cleaning your house is a devotion to the Goddess. 

Virgo is a very down to earth sign. Things should be kept simple and clean. Declutter at this time. Organize your dream projects and visions. Clarify a dream plan and make it concrete. Get a budget for it. While going about your days know that you are also an immortal spirit who is temporarily residing in the body. Tune into the Higher spiritual realms in everything you do even picking up your dog’s poop. It’s all spiritual. It’s about what you invest your spirit into. 

Bring your spirituality down to earth. Everything matters everything counts. Pay attention to your dreams and diet during these next few days.

MOON enters GEMINI this morning. Our minds will be open and flexible.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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