Venus Ceres Sirius America Astrology

Aug 12-13

That Venus/Ceres in Cancer trine to Neptune was felt very much by me in my dreams last night. Venus and Ceres in Cancer are all about home early pre-birth memories and emotional safety and security. My dreams were extremely vivid and were about selling my present home and moving to another one bringing up deep insights into my psyche. How were your dreams?

If you have planets at 13-18 degrees Cancer you will feel this energy stronger than most. Also those with planets at 13-15 degrees ARIES and LIBRA and CAPRICORN. People are feeling ultra sensitive right now and take slight at the smallest provocation. Emotional safety needs are super high. 

It’s all Hot hot ARIES energy today and into tomorrow. This means impulsive behavior and anger is quick to rise. The Mood is impatient. People will be feeling energized and wanting to be active, busy and on the go.

The Moon squares Venus in Cancer and CERES and later Pluto in Capricorn in the wee hours

These Cardinal T-squares are intense, we’ve been experiencing them for the last 5 years with Pluto and Uranus.  

Venus and Ceres are in conjunction with SIRIUS and the U.S. SUN  

This is a powerful combination that will be in effect from the 11th until the 18th. 

SIRIUS the BRIGHTEST STAR in the skies worshipped as ISIS/OSIRUS in Ancient Egypt is the RESURRECTION STAR. Yes The divine FEMININE held by VENUS in CANCER and CERES the Great Earth Mother Herself bring Her Divine unconditional love to us here on earth.

Women must step forwards and stop this Patriarchal little boy Venus envy going on between little fingers tangerine brain Trump and idiot Ill Jong in North Korea.

But the impatient ARIES MOON trining MARS in LEO makes for very quick hot tempers. 

Moon opposes JUPITER in LIBRA

Bring beneficent peace talks into the mix.

A GRAND FIRE TRINE lights up the skies and our energies

MOON TRINES LEO SUN and Serious SATURN in SAGITTARIUS a big happy creative loving or selfish all about me fire trine

It’s a big happy creative loving party time. It can also be ego strutting selfish all about me fire trine too. 

Mercury Turns RETROGRADE tonight @ 6:00 pm PDT/9:00 pm EDT/ 1:00 am 8/13 in GMT

The Moon will enter TAURUS on the 13th @ 3:40 am PDT so enjoy the heat while it lasts. 

Have a great safe weekend. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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