Cosmic hangovers and more Astrology

August 10  So much planetary activity going on. I was originally going to call this the Good the hard and the challenging.

The Scream Munch Astrology Tara Greene

Edvard Munch The Scream  1893

If you are tossing and turning and wake up feeling like you a have a huge cosmic Hangover here’s why:

Pisces Moon is very active all night in both PDT and EDT:

Here are the aspects: 

Moon sextile Pluto


Woah. This is an intense power battle between SOLAR Lightning bolt wielding KING ship power being out of balance with the WHOLE that PISCES symbolizes.

MERCURY standstill in VIRGO sextiles VENUS in CANCER

Be very conscious of every word you speak and think today. Treat your words like your babies. Words are the magical power of creation. Mercury is THE MAGICIAN in the TAROT. 

MARS in LEO inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is a positive big bubble bursting energy. This is a dramatic struggle with ego inflation and projections of power onto others especially those with glamour money creativity versus the knowledge that we are all creative and powerful. The all is positive” the Secret” white light; angels; soul mates; spiritual consumerism which is mainly denial projection and delusion. The addict to other worldly soul mates off planet guru worship consumerism and toxic relationship struggles against seeing and feeling itself. The denied aspects want to hold onto its unreality victim mentality martyrdom and powerlessness. Not anymore. This is one of my hot topics these days. 


Seek real knowledge that which is scholarly historical and optimistic.

MOON GOES VOID OF COURSE @ 6:38 am PDT/9:38 am EDT/ 1:38 pm GMT

most of the day is a VOID of  Course moon day. Just chill stay in the moment.

SUN sextiles JUPITER VERY POSITIVE for LEO and LIBRA  @ 19 degrees 

Wish upon a few stars buy lottery tickets. Lady Luck and the LION are joyously opening their hearts and passionately partying on in balance. Check out where 19 degrees LIBRA and 19 degrees LEO are in your astrology chart. Wow thats a very direct hit for me. My Pluto at 21 Leo my Venus/ Neptune conjunction at 20 LIBRA. I won a ticket for a boat cruise this Saturday.  

Pisces moon conjuncts CHIRON in PISCES as it does every month

Let the feelings flow your vulnerability is part of your very human beauty. 

Last but not least MOON enters ARIES a new monthly cycle begins @ 10:22 pm PDT

Aug 11 @ 1:22 am EDT/ 5:22 am GMT. 

Things are much lighter on Friday with an excellent positive aspect. Come back for me later.

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