Where I am at

Moon is in Capricorn time to get grounded.
Alchemical work by Tara Greene 

Hi how are you feeling? There is another solar flare headed earthbound which has been downgraded to a lesser threat but still the electromagnetic frequencies of the earth and our bodies  are still affected. 

I am going away to a women’s womb wisdom retreat in the country from Friday to Sunday. I will not be using my cell phone or computer. 

It’s a holiday weekend in Canada here this weekend monday being a civic and federal holiday. 

I will try to line up simple cards of the day and send them.

I really need this break to get myself reconnected and recharged in nature. I have had a very difficult 2017 in terms of health and a huge legal issue which is finally settled. Saturn square Chiron is hitting me on my Mercury at the Galactic Center. I will have to watch my health more carefully. 

I need to really change how I work sleep exercise everything. I need to finish my book. I have faithfully written almost every day for over three years now. I need to write once a week and short things every day. 

My blog has just been re-entered on google after an almost 1.5 years of being off the front page of Google. That’s another major issue that needs fixing. 

I hope I will return reconnected and clearer. 

Please revisit older articles and I can post on FB.

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