Aquarius Lunar eclipse, shadow of shadows and Yods

Everyone is talking about the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse but not much press about the partial Lunar Eclipse on Aug. 7th.

Lunar eclipse, astronomy, astrology Tara Greene

It will be mainly visible in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia where its effects will be strongest. All eclipses carry potent charges which re-occur every 18+ years. When the Full Moon’s energy is blocked out by the shadow of the earth we are temporarily sunk into darkness while the eclipse is on. A full Moon pulls the tides of the oceans and our unconscious. The oceans symbolize the unconscious realm of dreams, they are the beginning of life on earth, they are the womb of the earth. The earthly shadow cast during a lunar eclipse unites two very feminine forces creating a magical magnetic pull on what is unconscious within ourselves and the collective. We have cellular memories of being in our mothers and grandmother’s wombs and back through time to all the mother’s. Our intuition, our psychic sensitivity, our womb experience, our feelings, moods, women’s menstrual periods, fertility and our needs for emotional safety are all highlighted and activated in the shadows of a lunar eclipse.  A lunar eclipse casts a shadow on our shadows. 

AQUARIUS is a cool detached AIR sign. Its symbol the dual waves are electrical not water. Aquarius is the HIGHER OCTAVE of Planet Mercury. It’s the sign of higher consciousness and it rules; technology, invention, pioneering, lightning, freedom and revolution. Aquarius blows up and innovates old historical methods in any realm. It is a human sign, the Goddess pours out cosmic consciousness onto the earth. It is the Tarot Card of the STAR #17. This Eclipse will be electrifying.

Aquarius shares, organizes and analyzes/ It wants everyone to share the same rights, it is the opposite of Leo where the SUN-MARS and the North Node are aligned, and the sign of  Kings and Queens, high drama, ego and selfishness. 

The SOUTH NODAL Lunar eclipse pulls us back to examine the past. How have we fared with humanitarian goals and ideals? How high is our consciousness? What have we wrought with our fancy new tech- the world wide web, hacking, smart phones, which govern everyone’s lives now. The cell phone towers and Wi-Fi, VR, AI, stem cell research and Genetic DNA manipulation, vaccinations and drugs, GMO’s, transsexuals, and the cons of what all that “smart” new technology costs us as species. Do we ever not work these days? Is all of this info making us smarter or dumber? Is the tech serving and freeing us or are we slaves of it? What are the costs on humans and the future generations? 

Aquarius is ruled by planet URANUS which recently turned RETROGRADE and is stationary during the eclipse. A planet which is unmoving wields a mighty influence. Aquarius is A FIXED SIGN, and a FIXED fixed sign can not be budged.  URANUS is trying to tell us to WAKE UP! see the big picture, the technology rooted in old industrial 19th-century models in education and work and 5,000-year-old models of mythology/Religion which don’t compute. 

URANUS has been closely conjunct to ERIS the dwarf planet of shit disturbing. They are in a Grand Fire trine to the North Node in LEO and SATURN Retrograde in Sagittarius which has been stirring up the fires for some months.

SATURN is also virtually unmoving in the skies at 21+ degrees SAGITTARIUS. It will turn DIRECT AUG. 25 at 21+ degrees. Saturn is the traditional ruler of AQUARIUS before the discovery of URANUS in 1781. The message “as above so below” is a very fixed message that we need to look back to where the industrial revolution and the yearning for freedom from slavery and tyranny began. We also need to examine our deeply rooted emotional needs for freedom in our own lives. 

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Tara Greene

There are 5 YODS or Fingers of God, A WHOLE HAND

A YOD or FINGER of GOd is when 2 planets sextile {60 degrees apart}  each other and both mutually inconjunct {150 degree aspect} a 3rd. The pressure is on the 3rd planet or object.

  1. The Moon @ 15 AQUARIUS sextiles SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and LILITH, they both form a wide 150-degree angle to CERES @ 11 degrees CANCER, the Great Mother/ Dwarf planet. Moon Saturn Lilith are also inconjunct to Fixed STAR SIRIUS @ 13 degrees CANCER nearby. SIRIUS is the ancient Egyptian Goddess ISIS, the resurrection Goddess. SIRIUS is the brightest Star in the heavens and also the place of the U.S. SUN. This aspect points to the need to reconsolidate, resurrect and to cherish all aspects of women, children, and the Divine Feminine gifts of relationship, nurturing, feeding the children, and making the earth Herself safe and secure, and the oceans and waters.

2nd YOD: MARS and the SUN in LEO are sextile to JUPITER in LIBRA and quincunx to NEPTUNE in PISCES 

This aspect points to the need to balance ego needs with mutual respect in relationships which allows for a  more spiritual creative view on life. 

3rd YOD: NEPTUNE in PISCES sextiles ATHENA in TAURUS quincunx to JUPITER in LIBRA 

cave star maps astrology Tara Greene tarot

This Yod grounds spiritual intuitive visualization into a grounded ancient artistry- think the cave drawings of Lascaux France, the earliest known drawings, 30,000 years old. Neptune and ATHENA the Amazon warrioress and battle strategist, are very different but can work well together to bring us to a much-desired equality in intimate relationships. This is a thoroughly creative artistic energy indicating how important all of the arts are in creating community.

4th YOD. PLUTO in CAPRICORN sextiles NEPTUNE, both inconjunct MARS-SUN in LEO

The 4th YOD combines a spiritual or expansive, imaginative, addictive, glamorous, in denial, projection, and its connection to the wealth of the Plutocracy and corporate structure being faced by the anger, false ego and competitiveness of the fight to be Numero Uno. LEO rules the heart, we must live from the heart, not from the desire for wealth and glamor. 

5th YOD: VENUS + CERES sextiles VESTA & MERCURY in VIRGO inconjunct MOON

This 5th and final YOD combines very feminine feeling energies of Venus and Ceres in CANCER to VESTA the Goddess of focus, fire, what we inVEST ourselves in, our dedication, in VIRGO, to our health, our work, our communities. Also the harvest of foods, and the environment itself with the wisdom, analysis and organizational budgets and practical work ethic of  MERCURY ruler of VIRGO.  All of these feminine energies are applying to the Eclipsed AQUARIAN MOON. 

The message is to use the higher knowledge viewpoint and new tech to create a revolution which breaks us from old ideas, and old organizational and cultural structures that do not serve a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS of a family of newly integrated and evolving humans, to serve the Goddess, the earth, the oceans, our resources and the children. 

Look to where 15 degrees AQUARIUS is in your natal chart to see what needs to be emotional moved like a tidal wave in you, what new current of innovation needs to stir you into a new lightning bolt realization and a newfound freedom. 

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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