Radical thinking rewind Uranus Retrograde


As Uranus in Aries turns Retrograde Aug 2-3rd. The rewinding of Uranian Higher consciousness energy will truly help us to see that this is an absolute new beginning of independent thought and revolutionary thinking meant to WAKE US UP collectively.  Time to throw off the yoke of old Patriarchal religions and cultures which are symbolized by the RAM which is ARIES.

Think about that for a while. The AGE OF ARIES began approximately 4320 years ago when the Jewish religion and the Old Testament was being created. This was the beginning of codified Patriarchal SKY GOD as separate from the Earth and the Divine Feminine. To have dominion or domination over the earth and the animals and women was a radical idea and not the way that humans had lived for millions of years before recorded history. Humans felt that the Goddess was immanent in nature and in every living thing including rocks. The ancient knew this. They lived in harmony with and worshipped the natural world and the Goddess from the beginning of humans. Christianity and Islam built upon those male powered myths and all splinter groups from that too. 

Reading on FB the words of Sara SOPHIA Eisenman an author and writer for Elephant Journal got me inspired on this topic. We have been brought up in a toxic programmed cultural hypnosis to honor “God and your mother and father.” Many people are waking up to the toxic shaming from dysfunctional families ranging from emotional abuse to sexual abuse incest pedophilia sex trafficking rape and psychological torture.

This phase must end. Humans are becoming conscious that they are human and have inherent rights and cannot and should not be abused by anyone anywhere anytime. Men treat women as chattel and sexual objects. Religions sanctions these abuses. Cultures encourage men to mistreat women and children one way or another. Children are not honored protected and kept safe from harm. The culture is the real culprit here ranging from the sexual freedom in the west to music and consumerism.

Most people have been traumatized in their lives overtly and covertly. We have been taught that this is normal. That we must respect our parents no matter how shitty they treat us. Or that we must honor them as elders. But being elders alone does not sanction respect.  In effect it should logically be the opposite. If by the time you are a mature adult you haven’t done your inner work haven’t felt all the unfelt emotional triggers and honored and healed your inner child and taken full repsonsibility for your own shadows in your consciousness and still blame others feel victimized and engage in toxic relationships than you shouldn’t be worthy of being treated with respect and are supposedly wiser.  Look at 70 year old Donald Trump a total 3 year old emotionally. Pitiful and shameful. 

It’s time to begin a radical new way of thinking. Uranus the ruler of AQUARIUS brings in a new way to share the power to detach from those who are not on the same level playing field. Aquarius consciousness is higher not lower consciousness. We could think of these as higher evolved chakras from the Heart up. Lower conscious deals in all the petty things that the Bible iterates; jealousy wars killing raping stealing basic lower reptilian brain survival of the fittest thinking.   

URANUS will be Retrograde until January 2, 2018. That is a good long time to rewind all the misguided directions all the new love affairs business ventures new policies laws governments and personal choices we have made. 

URANUS is nearing its 7 years stay in ARIES. We’re running out of new time. Aries is fire and initiation and initiative and “self. The keyword for ARIES is “I AM.” Not in the egoic sense but the God/dess sense. I am the God/dess. I am sovereign. I rule in my life. I am fire alive spirit.

Go back to the drawing board for these next 5 months. Uranus rules Hi-tech the net. Freedom of the press. What needs to be radically changed in your life? What new direction would you like to venture on? Where do you need to be free? How can you open your mind? How do I build a new stronger sense of myself?  How do I stoke my own passion? How do I ignite my life? How do I initiate myself into a new way of thinking living acting being? How do I radically change the world as I become more conscious?  

URANUS is being trines by karmic planet SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and the NORTH NODE in LEO. The North Node in LEO is what is creating all the eclipses in AUGUST and will continue to guide us for the next 2 + years. Saturn and North Node represent an evolutionary necessity to tell our truth to listen to our Hearts to be courageous to follow the passion of our own personal wills. Leo is the sign of the child  and these planets mean to follow SACRED LAW. There are two sacred laws in Indigenous teachings. 1. Everything is born of the Feminine or woman. 2. Nothing should ever be done to harm the children. These are two simples but very powerful teachings.

Collectively everyone needs to wake up from a thousand of years old sleep. We have all been like “SLEEPING BEAUTY.” The PRINCE in this Fairy Tales is never an actual human male outside of oneself. Don’t buy into that one literally. The Prince symbolizes the inner masculine who lives in every woman and man. He is the heroic spirit or element of FIRE who honors respects protect and defends the beauty love and creativity of the female inherent in her being.  

Activate your own inner Prince the Hero aspect of yourself who frees the innocent from the dragon. Who defends the innocence of the child within; fearlessly stands up to any authority. His motives are pure; is dedicated to the good; to preserving culture the family and nature.

What do you think? How will you engage in this journey? 

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3 thoughts on “Radical thinking rewind Uranus Retrograde

  1. I’ve been really feeling the Uranian energy the last few days. Feeling more settled today. It’s not closely aspecting my stuff, but I’ve been feeling electrical pressure creating much angst and pressure of synapses pinging and raw nerve endings, I’m presuming from the Uranus station retro feeding into the approaching eclipses! Whew! It feels like a volcano about to explode
    Luckily I can get out into Nature and physically work it off.
    At the same time I am aware of a very special underlying magical current of potential manifestation.


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