Weekend astrology preview

That light romantic Libra Moon energy trines Venus in Gemini in the afternoon on Saturday making a nice flirty partying mood.

Then things get a bit socially awkward as the moon Inconjuncts 150 degree aspect) Chiron in Pisces. This aspect encourages creatively making up stories to impress others and to hide your insecurities and pain.

Libra Moon opposes Uranus at night

Expect wild and crazy behaviours, unexpected expenses, people that hold widely different viewpoints and random craziness.

The moon goes Void of course at 2:30 pm PDT/ 5:30 pm EDT/ 9:30 pm GMT.

Don’t plan on doing anything too adventurous. V-of-Course moon’s are best for mundane tasks.

Sexy Scorpio moon arrives, it’s easy to seduce and be seduced under these moonbeams. Enchantment spell casting and sorcery are strengthened under this lunar energy. Everything associated with death, rebirth, and  transformation arethe themes  now.

Scorpio moon astrology, Tara Greene
Moon enters mysterious Scorpio @ 5:23 pm PDT/ 8:23 pm EDT next day GMT.

The evening turns very emotionaly intense. Wear Black, Scorpio’s fave color. Sexual magnetism increases under Scorpio beams. Secrets, mysteries innuendoes and pulses race. We feel the erotic nature of everything when we open ourselves up to it.

Scorpios like dark places clubs, alleys. As the libido energy affects everyone filtered through the lunar lens be aware of where you are and the kind of unconscious vibes you are putting out. At a very basic level Scorpio energy tunes  us into our belly on the earth animal nature as the scorpion. A rather primitive animal who stings to protect itself. That motif impelled us just as the moon manipulates all creatures.

Expect very steamy sexual encounters and obsessive unconscious behaviours. overpowering others with your Scorpio Laser vision is easy. Be careful not to abuse your powers on others.

July 30 peak preview

Venus the goddess of love is active in Gemini past midnight hours.

VENUS squares Chiron in Pisces

Hearts will be hurt from too much two-Timing.

Venus sextiles URANUS now moving standstill about to turn Retrograde on August 2/3.

So many twosomes and the desire to make connections with all kinds of people on your wavelength. So many more encounters to experience this night.

Scorpio moon sextiles Mercury in Virgo

You may have to ask direct questions about sexual hygiene. Information divulging can be sexy as well as organizing anything into near parcels.

Scorpio moon meets its maker. Or ruling planet squaring MARS in LEO and the Sun in the early hours.

What wAs dark  sinister and hidden now comes full blown into the light of day!

From fixed water of Scorpio and fixed fire of MARS + SUN in LEO we get Explisive steamy sweaty boiling over energy. ANGER! Power battles, surreptitious who revenge trips against leaders and head honchos being plotted.

Scorpio is a feminine sign. The women are learning to out manoeuvres the men in positions of power.

I’ll leave the last aspect of the day a mystery bdcause Scorpio energy lives that.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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