Venus on the North Star only follow Love

Venus in late Gemini is approaching the North Star at 28 Gemini July 30. This is a powerful symbol of love being the Only direction to follow.

star inspiration Tara Greene

 Listen to your heart as Venus is love and not the apparent split between  matter and spirit which comes from the ego which lives in the mind.

The North Pole star Polaris is opposite the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn will cross the G.C. In November. Anything you love or has to do with women, or the soul, the anima, will be consolidated in November.

Chiron the Wounded Healer and Venus exact square July 30

Love hurts, when we are in co-dependent relationships. Love can be a huge sacrifice. Love is a projection of our own unconscious. Love is compassion for ourselves and forgiving ourselves first.

There is a great healing crisis going on in the world right now. You are part of it. Work on healing, loving, and caring for your own wounds first. In that way you help heal the world, and the split.

Venus square Chiron helps us to return to our spiritual essence to oneness.

  • True North is the guiding compass
  • True North is feminine
  • True North Star is the goddess of love
  • True North is beauty
  • True North is your heart
  • True North is relationships
  • Just remember that one single direction your entire life and you’ll never get lost.

Trust me I’m Canadian. Our national anthem is “True North strong and free.”

Pay attention if you have planets at 25-30 degrees Mutable signs. Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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5 thoughts on “Venus on the North Star only follow Love

  1. Kinda unrelated…
    I notice the upcoming big deal solar eclipse will occur exactly on Donald Trump’s Ascendant of 29 degrees Leo. I’m wondering if that’s going to affect his physical status or maybe just his whole life…

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