Moon enters Libra, finding balance

How’s that MARS blown out by the SUN treating you?  It is technically called CAZIMI and means “in the SUN’s beams” it’s AN ENERGY OVERLOAD. 

Feeling angry? Exhausted? Frustrated? Blowing your own horn loudly? 

REMEMBER we are already in the Mercury Retrograde Shadow period since July 24 when Mercury was at 28+ degrees LEO, the degree where the planet will stop and resume direct motion again on Sept. 5th. This means that things are already going slightly off kilter in the communications dept.

The Virgo Moon makes a bump at night with VENUS in GEMINI, make that two bumps of course and then goes Void-of Course at 2:31 am EDT/ 6:31 am GMT.

Sailor Moon planets Tara Greene

Sailor Moon Neptune Uranus Pluto

The Morning may be wonky with a Lunar inconjunct to Uranus very early. Expect chaos on the road. 

Moon opposes CHIRON in PISCES at 6:00 am PDT/9:00 am EDT 

When you get to work you will have to hurry up and fix it fast. The energy may feel rather Zombieish with people feeling like the walking wounded.

Moon enters LIBRA and things settle down nice and easy for the rest of the day.


Two of Swords of the Dreaming Way Tarot

by Rome Choi illustrations by Kwon Shina

This card symbolizes the Moon in LIBRA

Libra moon makes us want to breathe, to walk in balance, in beauty and harmony. 

Libra Moon sextiles MARS and the SUN in LEO

Some of that intense heat we’ve been feeling may be softened by Libra’s energetics. 

Friday’s outlook is a bit problematic in the romantic dreams and soul mates department as the Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in the afternoon. Balance those dreams and don’t go overboard. 

Moon conjuncts JUPITER on the 28th  PLAN A PARTY soiree, cocktails, a good socializing energy in the late afternoon and early evening. 

MOON squares PLUTO in the evening

Add intense business dinners, meetings with power players, formality, detachment, and power games to the mix. 

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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