Take the high road in love and politics Astrology

July 24 We are still in the Dark or New Moon LEO Energy until late on the 24th when the first tiny sliver of a young moon appears. We are still under the Leo Sun Moon Mars energy on the 24th.

The Leo Moon makes two inconjuncts {150 degree angles} to NEPTUNE in PISCES and PLUTO in Capricorn. Brash egotism doesn’t understand any spiritual compassionate feelings and it also wants to buck or overpower the big boss or Corporate system. Expect to hear big Power battles in the news and can be engaged in them personally. 

Venus in GEMINI opposes Saturn Retrograde in SAGITTARIUS @ 21+ degrees

Venus opposite Saturn Astrology tara Greene

Time, Death and Judgement’ by George Frederic Watts, 1900

Venus in Gemini is the social butterfly flitting from one idea or lover to the other. This placement always indicates someone who can never be a one on one lover. They are afraid to commit. There is an inherent curiosity in this person who needs to experience many lovers often at the same time. They can’t decide which one they want because they need something from each of them which one person alone can’t seem to provide them.

SATURN the cosmic Cop Lord of Karma and time. Saturn is the architect of reality and his very hard lessons are an attempt to mature you he makes you pay. He is the effects of all causes not punishment merely consequences. Saturn teaches responsibility. Saturn is heavy and depressing like carrying lead weights around. Expect your usual speedy brainpower to be lagging. Saturn makes you feel tired and unwell. Rest or take the day off if you can.  

Depression and feelings of defeat are strong. It can be quite hard for a “never wanna grow up” Peter Pan type.  If you are playing it both ways you may get caught red-handed. Something you expected or didn’t expect necessitates you having to do everything over or just the harder. Saturn rules career in general and for some this may be a job loss or very heavy work load. 


This aspect symbolizes needing to make the hard choice, to be honest and speak the truth and tell those two or more people you are dating what’s what before you get burned. 

Saturn in Sagittarius governs courts legal matters justice politics teachers and this energy symbolizes divisions in politics- so what else is new? Hung juries and the inability for any two sides to agree.  Venus rules women they may be raising their voices and protesting in court fighting for their rights for freedom of choice. Saturn in Sagittarius symbolizes that very old fashioned patriarchal bible belters making laws to controlling women’s choices. 


Be careful if you are flying today. Both Gemini and Sagittarius symbolize flight and airplanes. There may be frustrating delays rerouting or perhaps the solar winds from a massive CME from the Sun can affect satellite’s power grids and GPS’s. Heavy traffic jams and the like are to be expected.

Venus rules beauty and Gemini is words communications analysis. Be more thoughtful of the words you use and how you use them. Saturn is historical, you may want to read Jane Eyre, Homer’s the Odyssey poetry or Shakespeare. This can be a good time for editing works for publishing or organizing any body of creative work. BTW the comma on my keyboard is not working. 

Venus in Gemini rules the duality inherent in all of life. Sagittarius is the single pointed higher arching focus of spirit. We need to grow up and face those parts of ourselves that are in disharmony. As the last of the Fire Signs Sagittarius rules the maturity, to focus all spiritual efforts on the arrow of unity with the cosmos and the Galactic will. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.

GEMINI in the TAROT is symbolized by THE LOVERS 

THE LOVERS Tarot Psychic Tara Greene



Alchemy/Temperance Tarot Tara Greene

Art/ Temperance in traditional Tarot decks

Gemini and Sagittarius in the tarot symbolize the human aspects of love in #6 The Lovers and the alchemical or spiritual love in #14 Art or Temperance. We can alchemically bring unity love and oneness by integrating the apparent opposites within our own shadows in ourselves. This transmutes LEAD which is Saturn’s metal into GOLD which is LEO’s metal. 


If you have planets between 16-26 degrees of GEMINI VIRGO SAGITTARIUS or PISCES you will feel this pressure more intensely although it applies to all signs.

There are other important aspects today I’ll write about them separately. 

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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One thought on “Take the high road in love and politics Astrology

  1. So relevant, thank you Tara. I’ve been taking the high road for many months now during the sad breakup with my beautiful, younger Don Juan / Peter Pan lover – who was definitely playing it both ways (“come here… go away… come here… go away”) – but my high road wobbled just before the New Moon (while the Moon was at 29 degrees of Cancer) and he suddenly felt the lash of my Scorpio tail and roar of my Leo Ascendant. I feel sad that after months of being kind and unconditional I was reduced to a shrieking Medusa’s head but ultimately boundaries needed to be set and being loving wasn’t cutting it. His Neptune at 26 Sagittarius is on my 5th house cusp and at the midpoint of my Mars 23 and Venus 29 Sagittarius. Ouch, he felt it alright but so did I. We’ll both go back onto the high road again now, separately and sadder but wiser.


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