Royal Tarot cards for LEO times.

We head into the REGAL month of LEO and a NEW MOON at 0 degrees LEO on the 23rd. Spirit is telling me to just pull 1 card for Leo month. 

I always used my special Herkimer diamond crystal to cleanse my THOTH Tarot cards every time. 

This card synchronizes with LEO as it has the planetary Symbol of LEO on the bottom and it represents the influence of JUPITER the planet of expansion, opportunity, good fortune and good will. This is a good sign. 

The word for this month is VICTORY! of course in LEO Season. 

The 6’s are always all about BEAUTY and LOVE, located at the very center of the Tree of Life, Tifferet. They are the Merkaba, the balance of the masculine and the feminine in sacred union. JUPITER the largest planet is equated with Yahweh or God’s eminence. Leo is the sign of the will, heart and passion.



Exalt the inner union your inner lovers during this time. The Queen the Feminine feeling, watery, intuitive and receptive side leads the way. Each person contains both masculine and feminine sides. Her desires create a response and a call to action for the King, the masculine active, fiery side, who serves Her, he ignites and sparks new life mingling with Her from their balanced union. This is the nature of all cosmic creation. 

It’s a very intense month coming up in AUGUST with two Eclipses:

A Lunar eclipse on August 7th @ 15 degrees of AQUARIUS- I’ll write more about that soon

Major Total Solar eclipse on AUGUST 21st visible right across North America for the 1st time in 99 years @ 28 degrees LEO on the degree of the ancient Royal Star Regulus, more about that shortly.

MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE on the 12/13 @ 11+ degrees VIRGO  

URANUS turns Retrograde @ 28 degrees LEO on the 3rd. 

These two planets join Saturn Retrograde which will turn DIRECT August 25th @ 21 degrees LEO and PLUTO Rx’s in Capricorn.

That’s 5 planets Retrograde for most of AUGUST.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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