Excellent time to talk, Void of course Moon

July 14 The MOON is VOID OF COURSE, which means that it is moving from its last major aspect between the classical planets before it moves into the next sign, from 10 am PDT/1:00 pm EDT to 4:52 pm PDT/7:52 pm EDT. All V-o-C time periods are not good for making important decisions. Tradition states that “under a V-o-C Moon, if you start something,  nothing good will come of this.” V-o-C Moon times are good for doing mundane things that simply have to be taken care of, and an excellent time for meditation. 

Void of course Moon, Tara Greene, Astrology

Moon is still in watery emotional PISCES until 4:52 pm PDT.

Moon makes a nice watery trine to the CANCER SUN and Mars later today. 

If you are feeling water-logged, overly emotional, compassionate, needing to fantasize a lot, feeling sentimental, just wanting to protect your home turf and your stomach is acting up, you can chalk it up to that.


This aspect which is a major one affecting foreign relations in politics. There’s plenty of that in the news today. I wrote about how to deal with this inconvenient truth earlier this week  https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2017/07/11/how-to-deal-with-astrology-obstacles-this-week/

Mercury in LEO sextiles Jupiter in LIBRA lively communications & favorable for learning and traveling but Moon Void 10 am to

This is a nice aspect which would help any Leo-like person to be able to listen to what others have to say. Mercury in Leo brings courage, passion, heart and drive into all relationships. It’s a good time to plan a trip, schedule a romantic date, wedding, shower, to plan travels or balance out any educational goals. Moon Void 10 am to

The MOON conjuncts CHIRON in PISCES @ 2:39 pm PDT/ 5:39 pm EDT

which brings a vulnerable and painful feeling to our monthly cycle through the zodiac.

the Moon enters Fiery ARIES @ 4:52 pm PDT/ 7:52 pm EDT/ 11:52 pm GMT. 

Under an ARIES Moon, start all new projects. Our moods are impulsive, tempers flare easily, we feel competitive and need to be active and buzzing like bees. 

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