Use your Female genius with Astrology

It’s a day to chill after the AQUARIUS Moon inconjunct MARS and a sweet sextile to URANUS.

The Moon is now in gentle flowing dreamy, spiritual, empathic PISCES and makes no major aspects all day Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. As with all PISCES Moon times pay attention to your dreams at night as LUCID DREAMING opportunities are higher. Listen to your intuitive feelings they are stronger under this most sensitive of signs.

VENUS in Gemini inconjuncts JUNO in Capricorn

Juno, Venus,painting, astrology, Tara Greene

Juno receiving the girdle of Venus, Guy Head 1771 oil, public domain image

VENUS is the Love Goddess of Beauty, sex, and relationships. When in GEMINI she loves to flirt, be able to be feminine, and beautiful and a woman who works in the world. Gemini integrates the opposites both feminine strength and power. Venus in Gemini lives in a world of lofty ideas, abstractions, communications, analysis, sales, and words. Her feminine feeling function is in her head.

JUNO is the Archetype of Feminine Genius this is my personal interpretation of this Goddess. In Roman mythology, she is known as Hera, Zeus’s trophy wife. She kept their marriage together in spite of his constant cheating on her. She did get her revenge on her cheating husband but it wasn’t a marriage made in Heaven.

June named for Juno Tara Greene

This is the Patriarchal retelling of Juno, the Goddess becoming the property of her husband. Before Patriarchy instituted masculine predominance, and bloodlines all women were free and had many lovers and were “virgin” in that they belonged to no man and were true to themselves. 


Juno’s symbol has 8 arms, like an 8 armed “magic wand.” This is just like a Hindu, Chinese or Tibetan Buddhist Goddess with multiple arms. The 8 directions is a very important symbol indicating that this Goddesses’ capabilities radiate in all directions at once. All ancient cultures honored 8 directions, 8 stations or Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year. In CHINA the #8 is the symbol of Good Fortune and used in Feng Shui because of the omnidirectional energy.  Most women know this multi-tasking ability naturally. We are wired this way because we have to be to in order to take care of the baby, cook the food, be an outlook, organize, weave, hunt, market and do everything. That is not a stereotype but a DNA wired capacity and gives women a great advantage. Men are wired to focus on one thing at a time. 

JUNO in CAPRICORN is women out working their way up the corporate ladder.She wants to be recognized in the world and in her career for her accomplishments.

As VENUS inconjuncts {150 degrees aspect} JUNO today the challenge is for women to integrate their feminine nature and needs and be able to be empowered in the world too. We may find it challenging to integrate our internal Sexy Love Goddess on the job and feeling very much overwhelmed with trying to make everything work at once.

This is the modern dilemma of all women having to be in all places at once, especially if they have children or want to have children and have to work a full-time job in a Patriarchal world which doesn’t respect those most feminine of needs. Woman’s feelings and needs are different than men’s. Everyone knows this.

Use this aspect positively with Venus in Gemini to get the word out. Talk about it with others at work. Bring it up collectively, if women en masse raise a ruckus their power is stronger. Put this out on social media. This problem desperately needs to change for the better adapt to what women need.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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