Progress in America?

The concept of progress, of growth, expansion, moving forwards is one that most people take for granted. A progressed planet symbolizes an internal growth chart or map. Progressed planets, including the Sun, Moon and all the planets progress under the technique of ” a day for a year.” If you have an ephemeris or use Astrology software which you can go to and get for free, you can figure out where your progressed planets have moved to or retrograded from for any date. 
If you are 40 years old for example the Sun will have progressed forwards approximately 40 degrees. You will not be the same sign you were born under. The Moon progresses the fastest, the slower moving planets from Jupiter to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto progress hardly at all in your entire life.
For a personal chart, I like to do the progressed chart from your birth date as a forecast for an upcoming year overall. 
Countries had progressed planets just like people do.
progressed Mars Retrograde in the U.S. chart Tara Greene
 “Oh Man Get Back On Your Feet.” -2016 by Eduardo Recife 
Since July 19th, 2006, the progressed MARS of America turned RETROGRADE @ 18 degrees  42 minutes of Libra in America’s 10th house.  Progressed Retrograde Mars is currently at 17 degrees of LIBRA on July 10, 2017. This has never happened before in the Nation’s history.
MARS will be Retrograde in America’s progressed chart until March 27, 2086!
Those degrees are extra significant right now under this SUN-PLUTO opposition July 10 and right after the FULL MOON in Capricorn with Moon and PLUTO conjunct at 18 degrees of Capricorn, opposing Mars and Sun in Cancer being squared by Retrograde Mars, conjunct to Jupiter in Libra by transit.  
Mars or ARES as he was known to the Romans is the red warrior planet, aggressive, macho, and defensive. Mars is always about Life force, the initial spark of the masculine which begins life. Mars in any sign is drive, passion, anger, energy, fire, spirit, initiation, light, heat.
Mars in LIBRA is in detriment as it’s in the sign that VENUS rules. This means that the masculine is undergoing a rebalancing of what that idea of the Masculine is. Mars in LIBRA symbolizes the need for balance, making peace and not war. Libra is an AIR Sign which means the mind, communication, analysis, ideas.  Mars Retro in Libra is reimagining what man and relationships are.This is a good thing. 
Mars RETROGRADE means energies are held back, regressing, devolving. Energy is being redirected inwards rather than outwards. It’s a time for reflection not action, rest, renewal, resetting, renewal, renovation, re-immersion.  Its interesting that Trump is pulling away from America being involved in Nato and other people’s wars.
As America is a cultural leader the rebalancing of male energy which integrates its feminine side is very important. This brings a stronger need from the masculine to be in relationships and not isolated and alone.  A more balanced masculine seeks to live, work, support and defend harmony both within themselves and between others. A more balanced masculine is able to share rights and obligations equally with women. Mars Retro changes sexual stereotypes in all types of relationships and marriages. We have already seen the same-sex marriage laws changed, then revoked. This may also be a reason for the rise of the transsexual in American culture and a broader expansion of the range of sexuality and gender typing.
An 80-year cycle of Martial forces, such as the police and the military, turned inwards on all archetypal “others” as Libra symbolizes, indicates violent cancer, something eating itself up from the inside. This can strongly indicate America about to blatantly militarize its police and ‘guard’ its citizenry from each other. We can see that one in the works already.
Everytime Mars turns Retrograde which happens every year or so, there is a bit more in synch harmony. 
If you have Mars in your Natal chart close to 17 degrees LIBRA or any planets close to these degrees you will be more sensitive and more tuned into this inwards turning Martial energy. 
Transitting Pluto in Capricorn will be squaring Prog. Retro U.S. Mars into 2018. Imagine a continuous Plutonium fueled pressure cooker like the one that just occurred on this Full Moon over an extended period of time.
What do you think the Mars Retrograde will do. How do you see it reflecting the current politics in the U.S.?
Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.
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4 thoughts on “Progress in America?

  1. Being a US citizen, I’m hoping what we are seeing in the next few short years is the bloated good old boy patriarchy in it’s last throes of life. Either that or a neutering of this infected male dominance which has destroyed far too much of the American way of life. Trump and Crew are the nails in that coffin.

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