At war with ourselves, sex and power


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Today’s MARS-PLUTO opposition is INTENSE and heavy. MARS is the warrior and ruler of ARIES and SCORPIO. Mars opposite PLUTO ignites the Scorpio sex, power and control struggles, obsessiveness and shadow material which will be ready to fight to the death.  

This is also a battle of the sexes, of male dominance and female submission. The tendency to sexual violence, manipulations, BDSM and other types of sexual dysfunctions and disorders can surface. MARS and PLUTO both govern the sexiest and most emotionally deep, most soulful sign of the Zodiac, SCORPIO. Pluto is the Lord of Death, rebirth, recycling, garbage, the unconscious, our shadow material, obsession, revenge, jealousy, possessiveness, and secrets. This is an aspect which brings up all the shit, refusing and darkness in our souls up to consciousness.

MARS is connected to Tarot Card #16 The TOWER. Mars + PLUTO are both modern rulers of the sign of Scorpio #13 DEATH.

The Tower 9/11 tarot tara greene

                                                   Tarot cards Death Tara Greene






Mars in Cancer at its highest expression is a warrior of Love, providing nurturing and safe secure space for our souls, anima, the Divine Feminine, our inner children to be nourished in.  

In Cancer, the masculine planet is in the sign of the mother, the unconscious, the womb, home and the 4th sign and house is where we hold our earliest childhood and pre-birth memories from the womb.

Mars’ anger can be very repressed right now but the knots in your stomach will let you know and can be felt directly. Martial anger is directed at women in general and America- a Cancer country, mom, and the Divine Feminine. Conversely, this energy can be used as a warrior cry for women to become warriors to battle the Patriarchal governmental fascist powers gaining more strength in the world.

Mars is trying to defend his own insecurities about needing emotional support and being able to express feelings. The Masculine’s biggest Achilles heal is his inherent vulnerability, both sexually and emotionally and his biologically embedded feeling of being cut off from Source by virtue of being born with Masculine DNA and not directly involved in the birth process. Of course, this isn’t true spiritually. That’s what makes him so defensive. 

This would be a good time for men to support each other emotionally. We all have feelings, The Patriarchy and the Warrior model cuts men off from fully allowing their feelings to be expressed fully.  The Masculine’s archetypal role is to act to protect and defend the feminine functions of intuition, feelings, nurturing, connectedness, relationships, and family and children.

Tempers will be high. Be very careful around Fire, BBQ’s, with guns and enraging anyone. There is a  danger of family fussing and fighting and feuds.The MOON has entered SCORPIO today too. Making this a very SCORPIO toned day.

The MOON has entered SCORPIO July 2 at 12:59 pm EDT making these very deep emotional waters dominating the energies for the next few days. Emotions will thicken until the 4th when the Moon enters SAGITTARIUS. 

These are good days to do detective work on your soul. Get in touch with your deepest fears, and darkness and make a nest for them so they can feel safe. Stay close to home and remember to be receptive to others projections, remember it’s their own shadows they are projecting. 

This is a good time to deal with insecurities, jealousy, the need to be in control. Scorpio is obsessive. Learning to let go is also a huge energy to tap into now. DEATH is the greatest teacher, life is always about change and transformation. Holding on keeps us stuck and disempowered. Stay close to home and remember to be receptive to others projections, remember it’s their own shadows they are projecting. 

Moon sextiles PLUTO in PDT on the 3rd/ 4th in EDT and GMT.  This further enhances our abilities to connect with our deepest shadows.  Mars will not make another aspect until July 9th until it inconjuncts Saturn on the Full Moon in Capricorn. So sit with this all week. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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