Very rare alignment with the Light of Lights

June 28 There is a very important and very potent rare aspect forming in the skies.
Mercury the Messenger, called THOTH to the Ancient Egyptians, great wisdom teacher and Mars the warrior meet @ 15 degrees Cancer conjunct to Sirius the brightest Star in the sky.
This Star was revered by many ancient civilizations; the Cherokee, the Chinese, the Japanese and others. It was known to the ancients as the Sun of the Sun, the main Sun beyond our Solar system.  The Sun lights up the physical planes and SIRIUS lights up the spiritual planes. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built to align with Sirius to mark the annual flooding of the Nile which the ancients lived and prospered by.
U.S. dollar, all seeing eye, MAsons, Astrology Tara Greene
If you have any real paper money you to honor Sirius every time you touch it. The all-seeing eye of Horus is a Freemason symbol. The light behind the All-Seeing Eye is not from the sun but from Sirius shown shining right above the Pyramid.
Sirius is known as the spiritual home of the enlightened master teachers. The “In God we Trust” means that the U.S. trusts in SIRIUS.
Remember that both MERCURY and MARS are OUT OF BOUNDS, acting freewheeling and beyond the usual constraints of everyday consciousness and actions. Cancer is the sign of the Mother. Which means that SIRIUS represents the Great Mother.
MERCURY will connect with Pluto, the Psychopomp or Guide of the SOUL through an opposition on the 29th. Then MARS will connect with PLUTO in opposition on July 2nd at 18 degrees CANCER/ CAPRICORN. All oppositions require hearing both sides of the issue and finding a balancing point.
MARS and PLUTO both govern the 8th sign of death, rebirth and transformation SCORPIO.
Falling Star, Art, Astrology Tara Greene
This alignment of three major planets close to SIRIUS brings forth a powerful new message of freedom and major change if we align with the Higher Sun of the SUN and open ourselves in Cancerian receptiveness to nurture our souls in the light of lights of the brightest Star, like the card #17 The STAR in the tarot.

The Thoth Tarot deck which I use
#17 Aquarius The STAR

Of course this alignment directly impacts the United States’ future, its economy, its ancient prophesies and ideal of what America was to be. On a personal level if you have natal planets @ 13-19 degrees of Cancer or Capricorn as well as ARIES and LIBRA you will feel the intensity of this aspects more strongly. Meditate on these dates and focus on the “silver star” and aligning with the Highest cosmic message from the Sirians.
Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.
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