Inter-dimensional Vortex Briefly Appears Above Sacramento

Is this real? No injuries were reported from the event. Police are still collecting reports on the phenomena. It’s a projection on a film. 

I find this phenomena totally described by MERCURY in GEMINI on June 18 which is a dualistic sign opposed to Saturn in SAGITTARIUS. Saturn is reality and Sagittarius is our Galaxy.  

Source: Inter-dimensional Vortex Briefly Appears Above Sacramento

11 thoughts on “Inter-dimensional Vortex Briefly Appears Above Sacramento

  1. The Nevada scooper is a satirical magazine like the onion or Mad. Please apologize for posting this as real. Please check your sources at least.


  2. The Nevada scooper is a satirical magazine. Please check your sources it’s not that hard to at least do a Google search. If you think this is real your mentally ill. Please correct


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