Out of Your Mind? Mercury is Out of Bounds

Feel like you and the rest of the world are going out of your minds? I’ll explain one reason why. Knowledge is power.

MERCURY has just gone Out Of Bounds on June 16, 2017 @ 19 degrees in GEMINI, joining MARS already O.O. B.  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? 

A planet is out-of-bounds when it travels beyond the ecliptic, or beyond 23°27′ to the North or South. The Sun travels around the zodiac on the ecliptic.  It reaches its maximum northern declination of 23 degrees 27 minutes NORTH when it touches the Tropic of Cancer on the Summer Solstice. The Sun enters the Sign of Cancer on that date. The Sun reaches maximum Southern declination (23 degrees 27 minutes South when the Sun touches or is directly above the Tropic of Capricorn on the Winter Solstice. Declination is measured as the earth’s tilt along its axis as it orbits the Sun, the Earth tilts at the same angle, 23 degrees 27 minutes. The planets normally travel within that band of degrees. 

Mercury leaves its O.O.B. phase and goes back to normal boundaries on July 1st @ 20-21 degrees CANCER.

Out of Bounds planets, just like it sounds, don’t play by any rules. Think out of the box, speak without holding back. Tell it like it is.This can be great for any writer’s blocks as it frees up one’s mind from any restrictions. It could make communications very erratic with difficulty focusing and also making up one’s mind. It can emphasize that dualistic “space cadet” like thinking that Gemini’s are infamous for.

Watch what you say as telling it like it is with Mercury in Gemini may be too many words, we don’t need to know about. Watch your mental and emotional bodies, feelings and thought processes connect as Mercury enters CANCER on June 21. We will all be feeling much more emotional and needing a lot of nurturing with Mercury in CANCER.

Maybe you were born when Mercury was Out of Bounds? How to find out if your Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars are out of bounds? See link below.

Look at where these degrees, 19 degrees Gemini to 21 Cancer fall in your natal chart to see how this Out of Bounds energy will affect your communications and thought processes personally.

Note that these degrees are significant to the U.S. whose Sun is at 13 degrees CANCER. The U.S. Mars is at 21 degrees GEMINI. Venus is at 3 degrees Cancer and Jupiter is at 5 degrees Cancer. O.O. B. Mercury will affect the values, the economy, the housing market and women {Venus}. Mercury will affect the stay at home, protect out borders mentality of Jupiter in Cancer.  Donald Trump’s Sun, North Node in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, South Node and Mercury in Cancer are all affected.

Donald Trump’s Sun, North Node in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, South Node and Mercury in Cancer are all affected. He’s already a loose canon with his words.

June 17 

PIsces Moon, Tara Greene astrology

Kinuko Craft’s cover art for Od Magic by Patricia McKilli

The Moon is in Pisces squaring Saturn in the middle of the night EDT and the SUN 4 hours later. This can make for a restless sleep. As always when the Moon is in Pisces your dreams and intuition are opened up. The Moon will conjunct CHIRON the wounded healer in the morning and before Noon EDT. 

MOON enters ARIES @ 10:55 am PDT/1:55 pm EDT/ 5:55 pm GMT and another monthly go round begins again. 

Mercury opposes SATURN on Father’s day I’ll write about that manana.

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Find out if you were born with Out of Bounds Planets


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