Sobering thoughts, Sun opposite Saturn

Sad to hear about that tragic London fire and the Republican shooter in Virginia yesterday. He had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders, and he is a lone wolf with anger issues. I am sending blessings of healing for all the victims of all these events who have passed away and who are injured.

Remember the SUN is opposite to SOBERING SATURN in SAGITTARIUS today

Sun opposes Saturn today, stay grounded

The Grim Reaper was always to blame for deaths and trouble in the world. This also affects President Trump whose birthday was the day before. 

It’s a good day to get sober and to look at your life from a very hard realistic POV. Take care fo business, stay grounded.

A battle to the death of words and ideas its whats going on.

It’s good for GEMINI’s especially to grow up and mature. It affects all mutable signs of Virgo and PISCES as well at 24+ degrees.

If you feel depressed today you can sense Saturn’s heavy-duty leaden weight. depression can be a powerful and useful tool. If you suspect that anyone feels suicidal today, make sure you get them help or reach out to them. 

Someone on FB asked what is going on to create this? 

My first answer was that MARS is OUT OF BOUNDS. May 15- June 30th

That means that Mars, the warrior planet is not held back. He is unleashing anger in all of its fiery forms. Even though he began his wild and crazy freedom ride in GEMINI an air sign where he was warring with words. He is now simmering up emotions while he is submerged in motherly Cancer where he is not really happy. 

Mars is moving from 16 Gemini to 16 degrees CANCER While he is out of bounds. Check out where those degrees are in your natal chart. 

MARS will also aspects anyone who has planets at 16-29 degrees GEMINI, SAGITTARIUS,  VIRGO or PISCES.  Mars will aspect anyone with planets between 0-16 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, CANCER, CAPRICORN, ARIES, and LIBRA. 

Mars will square Jupiter on June 24/25, trines Neptune on June 25th/26, and conjuncts Mercury on June 28. By the time Mars opposes Pluto on July 2, it will be back inside the “normal” limits of declination determined by the Sun’s upper limit. That’s probably good news.

Mark down July 2 on your calendars as this is when Mars opposes Pluto. Mars will be back in bounds, inside the “normal” limits of declination. Which is somewhat helpful. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. Thank you to Tony Howard of Steven Forrest Astrology for doing the main research about the degrees of Mars out of bounds. I have adapted a bit.

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