Magical cosmic alignments create equal partnerships

Black Moon Lilith, known as a frightful she-demon and vampire to some, is not that at all. Lilith is a very powerful living archetype and symbol of the death-bringing aspect of the Divine Feminine. A necessary aspect of the whole. She is God’s Feminine negative polarity symbolically speaking.  

In Jungian psychology, an archetype is defined as a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought or image, universally present in individual psyches. An archetype in Greek original meant the original mold or model. In the original Old Testament where it says we are made in God’s image, God is not a human form, but God has two masculine and two feminine sides. One is positive and one is negative which has nothing to do with judgments or value systems, it is just a charge. The nature of the Universe is based on a polarity.  

Lilith symbol, Astrology. Tara Greene

Black Moon Lilith, is not the same as asteroid Lilith or Osculating Lilith or the Dark Moon. It is the most commonly one used at Black Moon Lilith’s icon is a waning crescent black moon with a cross of matter underneath. BLM is a virtual point in space, much like the Nodes of the Moon. It is the apogee of the Moon’s elliptical orbit when it’s furthest away from Earth. 

Black Moon Lilith takes 9 years to travel the entire zodiac, spending about 9 months in each sign. This further demonstrates Lilith’s connection to women’s menstrual cycles, fertility, and pregnancy or lack thereof more specifically. 

Black Moon Lilith entered the 9th sign of SAGITTARIUS on VALEntine’s DAY this year. She will be galloping through the Mutable Fire sign until November 9th which is 11/9 the opposite of 9/11.

Lilith is making two very important contacts now. She is squaring NEPTUNE in PISCES very closely as Neptune turns Retrograde on June 16 @  14+ Pisces.  They exactly square on Summer Solstice June 21st. 


means that the powerful, seductive desire nature of the dark feminine, in the culture and in all women and men, in the personal and the collective unconscious is going through a huge creative spiritual shift.  Neptune rules dreams, magic, Hollywood, glamor, illusions, delusion, fantasy, projection, fear, mental health, addictions, Big Oil, Big Pharma, spirituality, artists, gurus and the soul mate or Oneness. 

Neptune is itself shrouded in mystery, it is the shamanic planet, dreamy, spiritual and the Source. This is a huge opportunity to dwell in the Unconscious magical realms in a safe way, using Lilith’s uncompromising will.

Lilith is the death-bringing aspect of Life. Life is composed of these two inseparable aspects, Life and death and death in life. Inevitably we have already died to be born and we will die again to take on another birth if we choose, or if we are not conscious enough to have a choice. Lilith is all about those transitional transformative points. That is why her true sign would be Scorpio rulership. 

LILITH with Neptune will be speaking to us all very loudly in our dreams, that is for certain.

Listen to her speak the truth through the dark shrouds of hate and fear that have  hidden her power, sexuality, beauty and her illuminating truths. This will be especially strong at SUMMER Solstice/ winter solstice down under. One of the 4 most powerful shamanic turning points in the year. I am feeling the call to do a powerful event. Stay tuned.

Lilith is also conjunct the GREAT ATTRACTOR @ 14+ degrees SAGITTARIUS exact June 19

The Great Attractor or Abell 3627 is WTF we really don’t know gigantic space anomaly like a Black Hole, which is a crude metaphor for Lilith’s energy.  According to Astrologer/Astronomer Philip Sedgwick, ” the enormous gravity of the Great Attractor actually bends light around it. It bends the light so much, that a glimpse of what is behind it can be taken. This quality of gravitational lensing provides clear behind the scenes insights, while simultaneously offering other refractive illusions.”

Lilith’s contact with the GREAT ATTRACTOR reads very literally. Lilith’s energy is greatly amplified making her irresistible. Lilith is one with the Great Attractor. She and it are literally bending the light around where we can see ahead to what is normally hidden. 

I can’t help noticing the pop culture synchronicity of young pop singer-actress Selena Gomez whose name means the Moon and her current flame the Weeknd, whose real name is Abel. 

Lilith will be irresistibly attracting everything to HER as she aligns with the G.A. for all of June and into the First week of July. 

Check out where 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS AND PISCES are in your natal chart to find out where the magical transformation is happening.


I would advise you to build an altar or a mesa to LILITH during this time. Put her animals on it, the owl, and the snake. She is a menstrual Goddess, so do use your actual menstrual blood on the altar in a conch shell or a bowl or chalice and change it everytime you use it. if you are a Crone you can use red food coloring or another red pigment. Mix your blood with water and offer it back to Mother Earth as was the ancient custom when you are finished your ritual. Water your house plants with it. It is the most sacred and valuable life-giving force there is. It has mystical healing and psychic properties.

You may want to use a drop of it as a bindi on your forehead to open your 3rd eye.  Sit and meditate in a quiet place. Use a deep heavy musky incense of your choice. Sitting naked for Lilith with a red or black cloth over you would be ideal. If you are menstruating let yourself bleed out into a bowl you can crouch over. It’s important to let your menstrual blood flow. Sit and meditate on Lilith, call her our loud to come and teach you her wisdom ways. Call Lilith to be Lucid in your dreams as well.

Lilith and NEPTUNE

Create with Lilith, dance her dance, sing ger song.  Channel her. Let out her joy, or her rage or her loneliness at being rejected and banished for 5,000 years by the Patriarchy. We all feel this. Feel LILITH’s fierce longing and desire for a partnership of equals with a man { or sacred other} who will respect and honor her and who would never dominate or subjugate her. 

This is the magic of Lilith NEPTUNE and the GREAT ATTRACTOR working together.

This is that magical Cosmic Galactic alignment, a specific point of alignment when it is possible for women to attract and create that equal love partnership here and now. If you are a man and wish to find your equal partner you can also work with Lilith but you must really drop all of your preconceived sexist notions about your own superiority/ inferiority and projections about women’s sexuality, intelligence, power, weakness and recognize her as the Goddess incarnate.  By diminishing Lilith men have diminished themselves for 5,000 years out of insecurity.  It is only by recognizing the Goddess that a man can truly become a God and Lilith’s desired equal. The ability to experience the sacred through sexuality as sacred prayer and cosmic healing are Lilith’s real knowledge. Let her teach you.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. This material is copyright and may not be used or shared without a link back to this article and my authorship. From a book in progress about Lilith, past lives and what we need to remember. 

Get a reading with me, find out where Lilith is in your natal chart.




5 thoughts on “Magical cosmic alignments create equal partnerships

  1. Thanks Tara… Lilith has been walking with me (and awakening in me) for sometime now… a major journey. She crowns my chart in a Grand Water Trine and is demanding my voice. Great article.
    With love… marilyn💜


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