Have the most intense orgasms during Scorpio Moons.

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If you want to feel intense orgasms, they will happen more easily under a Scorpio Moon. This is because Scorpio rules sex, death, the unconscious and the emotional realms which are all tied together. It’s the “little death” as the French call it.

The Scorpio Austrian psychologist, in the second generation after Freud, was a sex researcher and pioneer. Wilhelm Reich pointed out in the 30’s that it is healthy, natural and important to have an orgasm every day. He moved to New York in 1939, partly to escape the Nazis, and shortly after arriving coined the term “orgone” – from “orgasm” and “organism” – for a biological energy he said he had discovered, which he said others called God. In 1940 he started building orgone accumulators, devices that his patients sat inside to harness the reputed health benefits. 

Under a Scorpio Moon we are engulfed in the most soulful of signs. We go right into the depths of our own and the collective unconscious’s shadows and emotions. This is not to be feared or avoided for this is the most important terrain, the land of the shades or the Underworld. I find that we tend to have arguments in our household when the Moon is in Scorpio. Have you noticed this?

Scorpio is the sign governing all the biggies; sex, transformation, death, finance, and rebirth. This is where the real and greatest work must be done in order for the scorpion to transform itself. 

Scorpio ranges through three levels of growth and symbols or archetypes. Scorpio moves first from the lowest unconscious depths of defensive scorpion energy. At this level, it stings those it sees as enemies but in doing so it also unconsciously stings and wounds itself.

This leads to the next level of development where the Scorpion transforms into the eagle. This magnificent bird of prey still feels all of the unconscious pulls of the emotions but rises above it all. The eagle is the bird who flies closest to the sun which is a symbol of being guided consciously in the light.

Then the eagle may be totally transformed into the Phoenix firebird which rises from its own destruction above all the emotions and unconscious karma rebirthed as the Phoenix.

While the Moon is in Scorpio trining Neptune pay attention to your daydreams and your night dreams tonight.  This is a very creative, imaginative, highly romantic time. Do be careful of projecting the “soul mate” or the perfect deal onto anything. 

Moon will inconjunct the SUN @ 12:18 pm PDT/ 3:18 pm EDT/ 7:18 pm GMT

That intense X-ray vision of the Scorpio Moon is just waa aa too lite for Gemini’s. Do be careful that you don’t get too intimidated by Scorpio energies. Shields up as they say. 


Moon sextiles PLUTO 

Pluto governs Scorpio along with Mars which is in another water sign now, Cancer where it is weak. This energy allows us to easily access our shadows and root out unconscious material. 

Scorpio Moon is the best moon to get a hair cut if you want it to grow back quickly. It’s also the best to plant seeds, as they will grow much faster.

Pay attention to finances, wills, tax matters and getting loans while the Moon is in Scorpio.

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5 ways to be a Love Goddess with Venus in Taurus


Venus in Taurus, astrology Tara Greene

VENUS enters earthy, sensuous. sign of beauty, TAURUS, her Feminine home sign where she is in her glory from  June 6- July 4th. 

That’s one whole month to smell those roses and enjoy being a living Goddess in the Garden of Eden. Especially for Taurus and Libra, this is YOUR time.

VENUS is the GODDESS herself, She loves sex and love. She is the Queen of romance. She is sensuality, flirty, romantic, artsy, creative energy. She has great taste and loves beautiful things. She wants the best of everything.

      Johfra Bosschart artist 

Venus makes a 5 pointed star pattern in her cyclical orbit and that is the pentagram of VENUS. Cut open an apple and see Venus’s pentagram symbol there.  

On June 6 2012 Venus made a very rare crossing in front of the SUN. This won’t happen again until another 125 years. 

Venus pentagram 72

5 things to do to make LOVE WORK with Venus in Taurus

  1. Turn on your Venusian sex appeal. Indulge in being the beautiful Goddess. Stand in front of a mirror and say I am the Goddess of love beauty and abundance five times. Dress the part. Believe that you are the most desirable irresistible woman in the world and you can attract any man or anything you want.
  2.  Bring more beauty and self-esteem into your life.Not just all about buying pretty clothes and makeup. Bring real beauty, earthy beauty, beauty from inside, real self-esteem. Know you are beautiful and valuable and priceless. Learn to love being the Goddess. Treat your body like a temple. Get thee to a spa, get massages, roll around naked in the grass. Tell your woman friends how beautiful they are. See beauty everywhere you go.  Decorate your home with fresh flowers, incense, aromatherapy. In classical mythology, Venus was irresistible while wearing her sacred girdle or corset. 
  3. 3. Fall in love. Passion is high.Simply fall in love with yourself or anyone. Venus loves to flirt. Love the one you’re with. 4. Be creative, start painting, singing, dancing, toning, acting, gardening, buy art, learn about art, take art classes or photography. 

    4. Let your creative juices flow. This can manifest in many ways. Get some watercolor paper and watercolors. Just paint from instinct, close your eyes and choose from your intuition. Dance authentically. Sing, Tone or chant mantras. Taurus rules the Throat. Masturbate. Think erotically. Get your own juices going. Orgasms are healthy. Women use crystal dildos these days. Use your imagination. 

    5. STOP and smell the ROSES, this is important in an overly busy world. Be here in the Garden of Eden. Practice Gratitude. Do take time to enjoy with all of your 6 senses all the pleasures, smells, tones, sounds, of the beauty of the earth. Really practice it when you eat when you cook when you make love. This is all S_L-O-W hand love making. Forget about time. 

Venus in Taurus is ROCK SOLID, REAL. Let’s get physical. Yes, they can be lazy couch potatoes lounging on chaise’s eating bonbons. While VENUS is in TAURUS it’s very easy to TRUST YOUR GUT instincts.

Venus in Taurus favors all Artists and Musicians -all creative, hands-on stuff- resources, money, IY.

TAurus VEnus art Napoleon Brousseau

Painting by Napoleon Brousseau  http://www.napob.com

VENUS in the TAROT is the EMPRESS # 3 Trump

EMpress #3 Tarot Tara Greene

Traditionally imaged as a pregnant Queen on her Throne in a beautiful garden. This is Venus in TAURUS.

VENUS MAGICAL attributes:

Her day is FRIDAY. VENUS’s metal is copper. Her colors are greens and blues. 

Gemstones: Pearls and Emeralds and pink stones, rose quartz.

Essentials Oil. Cardamom, Rose, Ylang-Ylang. 

Her birds are the doves, and the swans, sparrows, swallows and geese.  

Fishes, pigs, and rabbits are her sacred animals.

The apple is her sacred fruit as well as pomegranates.

Where is TAURUS in your Natal chart?  What sign is it in and what house and what aspects is it making? That’s where and how according to the house, all the love goodies and beauty self-worth and money issues will be affecting you. I will write full horoscopes tomorrow. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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