Love and respect, Venus trine Saturn

Mars at 27 degrees Gemini is conjunct to the North Pole Star. This symbolizes True North. Follow both your desires and your highest good. What is your true north star?

Venus trine Saturn

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VENUS trine SATURN @ 25+ degrees ARIES/ SAGITTARIUS @ 8:23 am PDT/ 11:23 am EDT/ 3:23 pm GMT  and the NORTH NODE in LEO

VENUS is LOVE. SATURN is karma and hard work, your career.

The Cosmic Cop lets you get away without a ticket. It’s beneficial for older women, for love and exotic travels, honeymoons, higher learning, and adventure. Speak the truth of what’s in your heart. 

This is a very positive energy for all women and AMAZON WARRIORESSES boding well for the Wonder Woman film coming out soon. It’s the most expensive film {$150 million} ever to be directed by a woman and great karmic reverberation revolves around the success of this film for all future women film directors. I predict it will be a huge hit worldwide.

Venus in Aries will go get what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it. She will be pursuing love, travel, higher education, politics, mysticism, justice, teaching, publishing, and older men as she likes.

This is a maturing aspect for Aries which can be overly spontaneous.  SATURN rules elders, respect, history, conservative values, even in Sagittarius. The Cosmic Cop is letting you get off without writing you a ticket today.

All trines are positive so make good use of it because it is moving fast. VIRGO Moon squares the SUN indicating we are nearing a Full Moon, June 9th

VIRGO Moon squares the SUN early in the morn, indicating we’re near a Full Moon, June 9th when JUPITER turns DIRECT since Retrograding on Feb 5/6th.

Everything in relationships that’s been percolating behind the scenes will begin to move ahead soon. Legal issues, restrictions on immigrants, on International Policy will be moving ahead.

Moon opposes NEPTUNE in the afternoon EDT

Daydreaming of what your soul most longs for. This is a practical but romantic and creative energy. Use this energy to incubate dreams before you retire this evening.

Moon trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN tonight

This is another earth trine which occurs June 2 in EDT and GMT.

Pay attention to your soul as PLUTO disguised in a myriad of ways. Pluto can be the shadow, the boogieman, the feared invisible faced chaser, the demons, yet this all comes in service to help our soul become whole.

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