Memorial Day Astrology Tarot Card Reading

Happy Safe Memorial Day today to my family, friends, clients and readers Stateside.

The MARS- SATURN opposition has already hit @ 2:55 am PDT. The Mars-Saturn opposition has happened. We may see violence erupt again in the world today. There may be shocking dreams and a restless night. It will impact you in your dreams. Chasing the truth or being chased by karmic enemies?  Let me know.

The CANCER MOON which has made me feel so wonderful, so peaceful, so happy to be in my home and safe with a roof over my head and good healthy food to eat. My daughter and I played cards tonight, something we haven’t done in years. We used to always play board games. It was fun. I love her and am so in awe of how she is growing up and her many, many talents. She is finally leaving High School in a month after doing an extra gap year. I started to sing “High School wasn’t meant to last forever.” from High School Musical which she loved for many years too. I’ve watched it maybe 20 times with her. She sang it. It was soo Cancer Moon. And I planted new seeds in our urban organic garden, it’s been enlarged a lot. I have to reconfigure where everything will go.

The Cancer Moon squares URANUS and ERIS in ARIES  that is while most people are asleep. So expect wild and crazy dreams and a restless night. 


Aclepios Dream Temple Astrology Tara Greene

This is dream healing time. The Ancients would incubate dreams in sacred healing temples to cure sickness. Take everything that comes in your dream tonight as a healing token. Treasure each symbol, figure, and everything you can’t understand about it. Don’t call it crazy. Nightmares and all dreams show up as your soul’s way of giving you feedback about many levels of your life. Dreams speak in symbols, this is an archetypal language.  Listen and learn and work with your symbols. I love to do dream work and led dream groups for many years. 

MOON FIRES INTO LEO @ 5:12 am PDT/ 8:12 a EDT/12:12 pm GMT  

we will be feeling the heat until the 31st. The mood is uplifting, passionate, wants to have fun and party. Very social, leadership skills rise to the fore. Let your heart open to everyone and everything you love. Have courage, It’s time to roar.  Leo Moon’s also bring out your inner child. Speak from your heart and use your will to focus on LOVE. 

Moon sextiles the GEMINI SUN

A little bromance? 

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