Inspirational Card of the Day

May 21 The Moon enters ARIES and begins a whole new cycle @ 3:10 am PDT/6:10 am EDT/10:10 am GMT.

The ARIES moon makes us really energized, impatient and wanting some new stimulation and action every moment.

ARIES MOON in initiates things. Start doing something new. 

The ARIES Moon sextiles the newly hatched GEMINI SUN

This is a nice aspect for meeting new people. For starting new conversations and being able to initiate new dialogues. An excellent day for open dialogues and to analyze things in a new way.  It’s a good day for feeling upbeat, curious, lite, flirty and being in a child’s mind mode. Act spontaneously, do things for fun. 


steampunk Tarot card of the MOON #18 Tara Greene

The MOON Tarot Card major #18 STEAMPUNK TAROT

The Moon Card is associated with the Astrology sign of PISCES, the last sign of the Zodiac. This is not the face of the moon which we always see. This is the unknown face of the dark side of the Moon, the super mysterious side which is totally hidden to us from earth. This card symbolizes the need to go into the unknown, emotional, watery realms of the Unconscious, of our cellular memories, into the dream world, and back to the cosmic womb state which is the spiritual source of all. 

This card reminds us to focus on the spiritual world which is largely invisible but still the real foundation of our lives here on the material plane.  Spend time daydreaming, imagining, drawing, painting with watercolors, singing or dancing.  Chanting mantras or praying is also recommended. 

Pay strong attention to your feelings and intuition today. With the Moon now in upbeat out there Aries, the challenge will be to maintain the balance. 

Spend time meditating on your inner womb space, the emptiness within. Men are said to have spirit wombs too. But we all remember being within the safety and darkness of our mother’s wombs on an unconscious level. 

The Steampunk Tarot is so feminine, so mysterious and foggy, so eerie and magical, it perfectly sums up the energies of this card. Remember this is a PISCES landscape. It is the imaginal, the liminal, the twilight world, the lucid dreamscape. PISCES is not substantial, it is ephemeral but nevertheless real, it is creative, anything you can image is real.

Traditional Tarot cards always show two wolves howling at the full moon indicating the animal instinctive nature’s connection to the moon’s cycles. The lobster also symbolizes a sea creature, one who has never left the ocean where all life evolved from on the earth. We are also still part of the literal ocean and the ocean of consciousness and spirit. We are the drop and the ocean. Pat attention to your dreams when you go to sleep. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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