Mars is Out Of Bounds, Sex rebels and horoscopes

Mars in Gemini is now the wild man moving Out Of Bounds since May 14th @ 1:04:27 pm EDT/5:04 pm GMT until June  29, 2017  @ 3:59:59 am EDT/ 7:59 am GMT. 

Clash of the Titans Mars in Gemini Tara Greene

MARS in GEMINI O.O.B. Clash of the Titans 2010

That’s 6 weeks of MARTIAN SEXY ACTION and FREEDOM for all.


 A planet is considered out-of-bounds when it travels beyond the Sun’s path, called the ecliptic, beyond 23°26′ some say 27 minutes North or South. Planets travel out of bounds when nearing the signs of Cancer and Capricorn.

When planets travel O.O.B. the energies of any O.O.B. planet tends to be out of control. Just like it sounds, OUT OF BOUNDS PLANETS are wild, free, unbounded, radical and extreme and can’t be tamed.This aspect often shows up in criminals but also in wildly independent and creative people who follow their own laws and rules.


You could be an O.O. B. person. You could have been born with the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn O.O. B. I was born with the MOON O.O.B. and finding that out clarified and explained everything for me in an instant. It was a real epiphany.  

To find out if you were born with O.O.B. planets go to it’s free and a great resource. After you key in your birth date you birth chart shows up. To the left up top there is a link which says ADDITIONAL TABLES {PDF} click that. The declination of all the planets will show up in a list and you can see if any of your planets exceeds 23 degrees 26 N or S.

MARS is not just the God of War and aggression, again this is a Patriarchal one-sided view of Mars. He is also the good stuff, the life giving force of passion, sexuality, desire, action, freedom, creativity, and he makes things happen. 

Expect things to get hotter, wilder, more passionate, angrier and more aggressive than they have been for the next 6 weeks. 

 AMERICA in its SIBLEY birth chart – July 1776 has both MARS and VENUS O.O.B.  

Who would’ve guessed that the country that is the cultural purveyor of love, sex and relationships would be such a renegade?  America country was founded on those fleeing from religious persecution and seeking freedom so they could freely live their values- Venus. 

PRINCE HARRY was born with MARS O.O.B. and JUPITER too. Now that he is in his usual Royal Mars state I think he will pop the question and ask Meghan Merkle to marry him. No wonder he was such a wild and crazy guy when he was younger and who was naturally going to fall for an exotic woman with a different racial background than him- that’s a Jupiter thing. Open minded, like exotic place-he loves Africa. I dont think they will marry till 2018 though.

MEGHAN MARKLE was also born while MARS was O.O.B. I know these two have a very intense sex life. I can feel it. This makes companions in arms. They are both two renegades.

DONALD TRUMP has MERCURY O.O. B. yep he definitely communicates Out of the Box- on TWITTER.

 Björk, the incredibly talented and original Icelandic singer was born with  Mercury, Venus and Mars O.O. B. she wrote

MARS is not just the God of War and aggression, again a Patriarchal one-sided view of Mars. He is passion, sex, desire, action, freedom, creativity, and makes things happen. 

With MARS O.O. B. in GEMINI expect things to get hotter, wilder, more passionate, more confrontational, more split, angrier and more aggressive for the next 6 weeks.  

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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