Lilith conjunct Antares, Revelation of the Whore

It’s revelation time. Embrace your Holy Whore as Lilith, the archetype of the SCORPIONIC sex, Death, and power bringing aspect of the Feminine is conjunct to fearsome star ANTARES- in the constellation of Scorpio-Tropical SAGITTARIUS right now. LILITH is not actually a demon or a vampire as is popularly portrayed on TV  or in Christianity and in Jewish biblical scripture either. 

LILITH connecting to this powerful RED star, URIEL, the rival of Mars, literally,  gives her and us the access key to her incredible power right now. If you have planets or angles conjunct to 9 degrees SAGITTARIUS you are feeling this very strongly. Lilith is smack dab between my Sun and Moon right now. I am feeling her energy, her passion, her yearning for freedom, and to be uncompromising. Check out where 9 degrees SAGITTARIUS in TROPICAL astrology falls Also in opposition to 9 degrees Gemini and square to 9 degrees VIRGO and PISCES. 

LILITH is an archetype of the dark, mysterious, orgasmic and death bringing mother archetype. She is the fierce side of nature herself. Judaism and Chirtisanity and Patriarchal culture has shunned, feared, and split off death due to our split from the Feminine and Nature. These three primal forces the Feminine, nature, sex, birth and death are all part of one single archetype.   Lilith as an autonomous, independent woman, refusing to be treated as anything but equal brings this aspect of equality among the sexes into our world now. Lilith is a harbinger or harpinger as she was portrayed as a harpy, as she is the death-bringer to the Patriarchy. 

Burney Relief, Babylon, Lilith, Tara Greene

Burney Relief, 1800 B.C.,Babylonian

This blood-red star, known as Uriel or Ariel is one of the 4 major Archangel stars, which are also connected to the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Those who are fundamentalist Christian’s would see this as The WHORE OF BABYLON returning. The name Babylon symbolized Rome which was pagan and harassed early Christians. 

In the Book of Revelations, she is said to be riding a red beast. In the Tarot, Crowley’s THOTH deck which is my main deck shows the WHORE OF BABYLON as LEO and the STRENGTH CARD which he renames as LUST. #11 which is also #8 in some decks.  This is LILITH. The North Node has just entered the Royal Sign of LEO this week for the next 2.5 years also very significant.

Thoth Tarot sex tara Greene


“Uriel is named for the City of Ur where Abraham was born, near where Modern Baghdad is. Uriel is not mentioned in the sacred texts made available to the public.  This knowledge {like the knowledge of Lilith herself} was secret knowledge only revealed to those judged to be able to accept it and still believe in the Divine Goodness in all that befalls us.  Again this is so very Scorpio in nature that one cannot miss or deride its ring of truth.”

Antares was classified by Ptolemy as a Mars-Jupiter type, and all astrologers have noted it as an indicator of success in war, and high command therein, but not forgetting that one’s opponent may have the support of Aldebaran, the star opposite to this one, and star of Archangel Michael, commander of the Heavenly Host itself! War can escalate to huge proportions, even to a world scale, as aggressive Mars is precedence over expansive Jupiter would imply. – The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.82-84.

Antares rules the right side of the third vertebra from the bottom (fifth lumbar) in the human body. – So be aware of this part of your body acting up or being hit, struck or injured. The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance, Ted George and Barbara Parker, 1985, p.105-107.

LILITH’s prime power is to be in her own autonomy. She refuses to compromise if not treated equally. Notice that the newly elected French President Macron is following in Canadian Prime Minster Trudeau’s footsteps of having equal gender ministers.

Lilith will reveal her secrets, her passion, power and her unequivocal, unshakable, strength in the face of God and the Patriarchy saying “Screw you I’m outta here. Don’t need you or your approval whatsoever. I am sovereign {2,017’s buzz word} I create my own reality. I am the Goddess. “Lilith says.  For women feeling trapped by Trump’s archaic anti-feminist anti-abortion laws. Call upon Lilith to give those old controlling misogynists hell. 

Lilith promises passion, battles, the war of the sexes. Lilith will not be tamed or kept in the shadows any longer. Embrace her and be fearless. Go for what you want, do what you lust to do. 

My sense in channeling this message is that Lilith’s energy is extremely easy to connect with right now. I can literally feel her hot breath over my right shoulder as I write this now. In the constellation of SCORPIO she is the great bringer of death, rebirth and transformation of those in power, who are secretive, ruthless, cunning and run by their lower root and 2nd chakras. 

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