Very rare Mercury conjunct Uranus, revelation, angels

Did you see the shocking news today?  This conjunction is very important.

Mercury Uranus conjunction in Aries Tara Greene astrology

Mercury conjuncts Uranus in ARIES, is very RARE, it only happens once every 84 years. Stay open minded to exciting new flashes of BREATHROUGH higher consciousness. This aspect is connected to channeling, the book of Revelations, Joan of Arc receiving instructions from Archangel Michael, visions, speaking with ET’s, master teachers, angels, fairies and spirit guides.

Mars is the planet which rules ARIES. Mars is in Gemini right now, the sign which Mercury rules so they are also in Mutual reception. This is a good thing, can you hear the champagne glasses tinkle? Cheers.

Mercury as a planet symbolizes consciousness itself, communicating, the twin halves of the brain, it is dual-sexed, rules merchants, banks, and is the cURRENCY of the MInd, communication, and also is a trickster.

URANUS was discovered March 13, 1781, at 10.30 pm LMT, Bath, England. Uranus was the 1st planet discovered with a telescope which extended our consciousness beyond the boundaries laid by Saturn from the beginning of time in archetypal terms. 

Uranus was then stacked as a HIGHER OCTAVE of Mercury because the traditional 7 planets,  chakras days of the week could not be changed. Uranus symbolizes technology, radicalism, breakthroughs, rebellion, freedom, individuality, chaos, genius, lightning and electricity, radiative substances, awakening, initiation, the ‘AHA moment” cosmic awakening, cosmic consciousness, liberation, equal rights, splitting apart, differentiation, science, rationality. 

What does John Sandbach’s Omega/ Chandra symbols have to tell us about this?

Aries 26 degrees. 

Phase 6. Dream State

Angel: LELAHEL (LAY-la-HEL) Light of Understanding

Aries 26. A man sitting at the bottom of a crater. Transforming/Experimental

(Degree Angel: HAAIAH (HA-ee-YAH) Order From Chaos, Political Science, and Ambition)

You may often find yourself focusing on something and not knowing why. When this happens, rather than trying to ignore it you need to actually focus on it, for the universe is trying to tell you something. Underneath all the layers of outer distractions exist deeper wells of being which you need to explore.

Chandra Symbol “The man in the moon smiling.”

 smiling moon vintage Astrology
The crater of the Omega Symbol is in the shape of a cup – it is a place where the earth has received a message from outside its sphere.

This degree is acutely receptive, and all it takes to bring it to its highest manifestation is to focus on that which is worthy of being received – that which is nourishing to one’s being. The man in the Moon smiling signifies the alchemy of joy and love, which has the capacity to burn away the dross of whatever is received, leaving intact the pure food of truth to be taken in as sustenance.

Pleiadian Symbol: Jars of spices and bars of gold and silver heaped in a closet.

Seed degree: Aquarius 1. Deciding to die, a vampire walks into the sunlight. (Omega Symbol). Giving in to deep cravings for change we find ourselves drawn toward those places in ourselves which need to be healed.

A two-headed calf. (Chandra Symbol). Perceiving the dualistic nature of all values we lighten up emotionally and are more willing to accept the flow of life.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 3. A woman at a crossroads. She buries something and then prays. (Omega symbol). When we listen intently to the voice of our inner being we are drawn to where we need to be and more and more willing to let the burdens of the past fall away.

A sleepwalker. (Chandra Symbol). An attitude of softness, gentleness, and acceptance allow our instincts to direct us to wherever we need to go.


When he looked up there was only sky. The crater’s walls were smooth, like a cup, which made him feel like dregs, like a tea leaf which someone might look down on and read. It was here a meteor had struck the earth. The air was silent and yet seemed to still faintly reverberate with that long ago celestial violence. It was peacefully exciting.”   

These are exciting times we are living in. STAY AWAKE! Open your mind.

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