Libra Moon,Taurus Sun, Venus rules

May 7   The Moon’s in the sign of the balance, LIBRA and she opposes VENUS in ARIES last night/ today if you are in GMT and further east.

It’s sensual Taurus and very social time too. VENUS rules both TAURUS and LIBRA.

Taurus Venus Libra energy is succulent and sweet Tara Greene astrology


This is very succulent energy. The Garden of Eden is Taurus’s home. Taste the sweetness of life. We need this energy now things have been intense just in case you haven’t noticed. 

I have 4 planets in LIBRA so when the Moon is in my sign I feel sociable, happy, and love to talk. Which i do all the time as part of my work. Helping to guide people using the mystical arts of Tarot cards, astrology  numerology and my intuition in dreamwork women’s spirituality and in my writing and workshops. 

I did a lot of talking today. I offered Tarot readings for an interactive art piece called 1-900 Mirror Mirror at the Freize Art Fair in New York City, by Canadian Greek artist Chrysanne Stathacos, originally presented at Andrea Rosen Gallery in 1993.

1-900 Mirror Mirror Freize Art Fair New York

Participant in 1-900 Mirror Mirror at the Freize Art Fair New York (booth C33), during tarot reading session with Frank Andrews via Face Time.

I did 1 major arcana card for each person and read for over an hour and a half to many fine people.  It was intense on FaceTime. The show continues till Sunday May 7.

Then at night I read Tarot cards and did Numerology for a party of lovely 13 year old girls. They were all quite amazing. The future actresses, lawyers, inventors and neurosurgeons of the future. 

Ok so MOON trines MARS in GEMINI early today 

This is beneficial for AQUARIUS too with planets at around 8-12 degrees you get the GRAND AIR TRINE. This is lite, flirty, curious, chatty monkey-mind energy. It makes us feel detached, flighty, airy, and restless, wanting to fly and be on the move. It also makes it extra hard to make up your mind about anything. 

Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES  later in the day

This could be a romantic or a social disappointment. A beautiful concept may not fly.  If your plans get deflated know that it is all some kind of smoke and mirror illusion and it too will pass. But then hold your horses!

Moon conjuncts JUPITER in LIBRA

Any contacts with big ebullient JUPITER in LIBRA always promises good humor, new friends, opportunities, romance, fine dining, beautiful clothes, lots of luxe. Be the hostess with the mostest and have a lovely dinner party or just friends over. YOU MUST be social.

Moon inconjuncts TAURUS SUN at night in PDT/May 8 in EDT and GMT

Again all these annoying inconjuncts, need a special cosmic translator to help this aspect. Communications snafus, not comprehending what someone says. We all know that infamous TAURUS SUN is inflexible and immovable when it doesn’t want to budge. Neither side will back down. STalemate. try to resolve this quickly as the SCORPIO Moon and full moon at that is coming. 

This is in general quite a VENUSIAN time. TAURUS SUN and Moon in LIBRA  bring out our sensuous natures, we want to enjoy the beauty. So definitely do that. Inner beauty outer beauty, art, practicing being gracious. Its romantic earthy and detached at the same time. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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