Grand Earth Trine, Daily Horoscope

CINCO DE MAYO  The Sun makes an annoying inconjunct to JUPITER Retrograde in LIBRA 

This can knock the best of positive intentions out of balance in relationships of all kinds. Luckily, or maybe not it is at night in PDT and EDT, where its effects may be working itself out in dreamland. But it occurs at 8:00 am in GMT stubborn bullish slow moving Taurus energy may upset the applecart. Not a good day to try to persuade someone to compromise as the identity source is no comprendo the Jupiter in LIBRA, hey amigo lets keep everything equal energy. Let it go for now. 

The VIRGO MOON is opposite NEPTUNE in PISCES in A.M.

Pay attention to the road as you may still feel like you are in a dream.The energy is practical grounded and dreamy in equal measure. This is a good day for being disciplined in meditation, visualization, or doing the practical work done on something creative, idealistic and spiritual. 


Grand Earth Trine Astrology Tara Greene


This is a great combo. Earth trine energies all work harmoniously. Earth trines benefit water signs as they are naturally in sextile to them. Earth energies square all FIRE SIGNS. 

Use this energy to get grounded energies have been quite intense. Do simple things, take care of business. Do your diligence. Don’t go party too much even though it is Cinco De Mayo. Celebrate the earth, celebrate being in a body alive breathing, able to make a difference in the world.

Celebrate the earth, celebrate being in a body, alive, breathing, enjoy this earthly existence. It is a rare and special thing. A soul that is embodied gets to experience all the range of emotions and to be  able to make a difference in the world. Here it is where you gain first-hand knowledge and understand the lower density vibrations of the earth plane. Lower doesn’t mean bad or worse. Just different. This is the Garden of Eden. 

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