Beneficial Fire and Earth trines this week

May is over already.  The LEO MOON makes a big BON fire of the EGO”s

Grand Fire Trine Tara Greene astrology

as it trines VENUS and ERIS in ARIES in the wee hours in EDT and GMT, then SATURN in SAGITTARIUS  3 hours later, then URANUS in ARIES 2.5 hours after that.

That all happens while most people are sleeping so expect supercharged passionate, heart-pounding, adventurous dreams, where you are taking center stage, dancing the tango, initiating a revolution, breaking free, or declaring your own country with you as Monarch. These are all metaphors. 

Please NOTE there has been a huge filament CME which came off the SUN May 30th. These solar storms or plasma waves create earthquakes. 

LEO MOON sextiles MARS in GEMINI still in the early hours. 

You may be talking in your sleep so have your voice activation on to record those pearls of wisdom.  It’s still only 4:14 am PDT at this point. 



Grand Earth Trine, astrology, Tara Greene

Looking for a Star to complete the earth trine and make it a Grand Earth Trine

Denebola @ 21 Degrees 37 Min. Virgo, with a 2-degree orb or influence

Denebola is of the nature of SATURN and VENUS. It is stern, judgemental, despairing, brings regret, and misfortune according to ancient Star lore.  

A GRAND EARTH TRINE is a take it easy aspect on the material plane.  Mercury in Taurus will make sure that all the details are in place. Pluto in Capricorn will assert whatever powers it can throw around.

TAURUS rules the throat CHAKRA, this would be an excellent day for sounding or toning or singing to improve your bodies strength in general. Especially good for those with thyroid conditions. 

If you have planets between 17-23 degrees of Earth Signs you get the benefits.

What do you do with a GRAND EARTH TRINE? 

Build something of lasting value. Work on your health, stay grounded. 

The Fixed Star Denebola is in the Tail of the Lion and it is supposed to have a Uranian, changeable, chaotic or wired nature. It is connected to major catastrophes triggered by it. In connection with Mercury, it brings a quarrelsome nature and a liking for legal action. It could also mean that this star is the cause of very exciting events. 

I read on to this synchronicity about Saturn conjunct Denebola. 

“”Denebola rules the front of the chest in the human body. “There is a weakness in the lungs causing fluids to accumulate. A congestion of the lungs occurs that can also affect the heart, resulting in a sluggish heartbeat. This can be painful but it continues as these individuals are not aware there is a problem at this point. Usually, they are the ones who smoke and who cough frequently. The dull, aching pain in the chest that they feel is more often than not blamed on the heart, but the problem is in the lungs. If the problem is not taken care of, they have a change of attitude toward others. They become impatient and make unusual demands on others. The herb chamomile is excellent for the lungs and should be taken daily.” The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance, Ted George and Barbara Parker, 1985, p.67.

I get the message about my lungs. So pay attention to all the sign from above. 

Lastly, the LEO MOON is inconjunct CHIRON in PISCES near Fixed Star REGULUS

Too much of a good thing can prove to be painful on a spiritual level. You may have to beg forgiveness. 

MOON enters VIRGO @ 9:16 am PDT/ 12:16 pm EDT/ 4:16 pm GMT

We’ll be feeling humble hardworking and earthy until the 2nd later in the day. 


Nice for easy but serious goal setting falling in love with learning and more. I’ll write tomorrow. 

I will be doing a live JUNE TAROT-ASTROLOGY preview broadcast for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency Thursday, June 1st at NOON EDT/ 9:00 am PDT/ 4:00 pm GMT on their FACEBOOK PAGE. 

hope to connect with you there. Go to 

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Leo Moon, Sun conjunct Angel Michael

Angel Michael, Aldebaran, Tara Greene


The Gemini Sun is currently conjunct with ANGEL STAR ALDEBARAN or St. Michael in the Constellation TAURUS in the East. One of the 4 Royal Stars of Persia from May 29-June 1st. 

I had a major encounter with this Amazing star a year ago while I was in Sedona. I went out at night to watch the star. It was about 3:00 am. Sedona has official dark skies, there are very few lights.  I stood out behind the house and focussed on the star. I swear a pool of waterfall of red starlight came down from the Red Star and fell in a pool on the ground in front of me. It was amazing. I have never seen anything like it before. This reminded me of how the ancients were able to commune with the Stars to get all of their mystical info directly. We can still do it now obviously too. 

St. Michael is very powerful and protective. Call in his energies now if you need them. He brandishes a big fiery sword and kills the dragon of ego and pride and the lower reptilia brain. 

The fiery LEO Moon sextiles JUPITER in the wee hours.

Dragon, Leo Moon Tara Greene

That should bring some lovely dreams of adventure, travels, dragons, and exotic new romance. On a higher level, you could be meeting with spiritual teachers. What did you dream last night?

LEO Moon makes two inconjuncts with Neptune in PISCES and later PLUTO in CAPRICORN. The Moon is the FINGER OF GOD or YOD, a 150-degree aspect, to these two transpersonal Planets. These two dichotomous energies need the positive, LEO energies of open-hearted courageousness, will power and positive energy to resolve all conflicts which seem insurmountable.
Bring up your inner LION or LIONESS today and roar from your heart. Make Roar not war.


May 30 Leo Moon square Mercury in TAURUS. Two stubborn fixed signs face off. Is the bull stronger than the Lion? Watch out for big ego swagger.

Persepolis, lion and bull, Tara Greene, fixed signs

May 30 The BIG Aspect is Planets MARS the warrior in GEMINI where the media is mightier than the sword, and URANUS in ARIES the leader of the revolution, hi-tech, and chaos, in a nice smooth sextile with each other.  Use your words to change the world into a better place.

Leo MOON is the symbol in the Tarot of STRENGTH #11 or #8 and of the court card of the PRINCE OF WANDS 

Leo, Prince of Wands, Tara Greene

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Jessica Chastain, Cannes Film Festival Astrology

Jessica Chastain, Astrology, Cannes, Tara Greene

I applaud Actress Jessica Chastain for speaking out about how disturbed she was by how women are depicted in films at the close of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival where she was a juror. Sofia Coppola won the coveted Best Director award for The Beguiled, the second woman ever to win the prize. Female actresses are paid a quarter of what male actors are, they are underrepresented in directing, writing and producing. Film roles are written by men not women. They represent a patriarchal point of view of what women are. Hollywood is one of the most male entrenched industries in the world. But it is starting to change now as women make films about and for women. My daughter is interested in pursuing a career in film as an editor or director so I know she will be able to forge ahead on this career passion of hers. 
I was curious about Jessica’s Astrology chart.
Astrology Jessica Chastain Tara Greene
Jessica Chastain is an ARIES, that red hair! With Mercury and VENUS Retrograde in ARIES at 22 degrees! Her SOUTH NODE is at 24 degrees ARIES. Jessica was an AMAZON warrioress for real in a past life. Jessica has a Scorpio Ascendant and she is known for playing powerful in-depth roles. She has Mars in PISCES which rules her Sun, Mercury, Venus, South Node, Chiron and her Ascendant. She is extremely Martian and what role did she play in a film?  Yes you guessed it. The Martian starring Matt Damon. Jessica is a natural actress morphing into whatever role she plays. 
Jessica is the perfect woman to be speaking out now and leading a new movement.
Jessica has her MOON in early GEMINI conjunct to Mean LILITH at 1 degree GEMINI in her 7th house of interacting in relationships, which is conjunct to JUPITER at 28 degrees TAURUS conjunct to BLACK MOON LILITH which is the one most used by Astrologers which is conjunct to the fearsome Fixed Star ALGOL, “Medusa’s Head” in TAURUS but she was actually another Amazon warrioress. She has Asteroid LILITH 1181 on at Zero degrees of AQUARIUS trining all the other Lilith’s. That are 3 LILITH’s  in total. Mean, Black Moon Osculating and Asteroid.
Want to find out where LILITH is in your natal chart? defaults to mean Lilith. Type in h13 in ‘additional objects under Free Horoscopes – Horoscope Chart Drawings – Extended Chart Selection when you fill in your natal chart info. 

She has PLUTO in LIBRA opposite her SUN and MERCURY 

She is a very deep soulful woman, who can speak sharply but elegantly. 

She has Neptune in SAGITTARIUS in her first house. The planet that governs actresses. Speaking her truth through her acting roles and as part of her identity is to enlighten people, that is her role. 

Chastain has SATURN in LEO in her 9th house making her a natural STAR and teacher, philosopher, proponent of higher education, {she graduated from Julliard} she would make an excellent leader of International affairs always keeping things honest.
TRANSITING LILITH is squaring Chastain’s Mid Heaven her highest most visible worldly status. 
Transiting Jupiter is conjunct to her Natal PLUTO opposite her SUN and MERCURY expanding her influence, riches, and power in the world. PLUTO will also square her Natal Venus in the next couple of years. I am sure she will be much higher paid now than ever before. 
NEPTUNE is coming up to Square her NATAL NEPTUNE @ 16 degrees PISCES next year in mid-2018 as it is for all of you born in 1977. PAY ATTENTION. 
This is a prominent square in everyone life. Which happens  usually a few years before the Mid-Life Crisis created by the URANUS-URANUS opposition at 41-42. For an actress who transmits Neptune’s energies directly, this can bring her huge rewards. But she must be careful about drugs and alcohol. She is a vegan and I feel she is very focussed although she only has JUPITER as an earth sign and Lilith to ground her and her M.C. is VIRGO. 
With URANUS ERIS and VENUS on her SOUTH Node conjunct her Retrograde VENUS Chastain released an arrow of truth to light the way.
WHAT do you think of how women are portrayed in film?
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Memorial Day Astrology Tarot Card Reading

Happy Safe Memorial Day today to my family, friends, clients and readers Stateside.

The MARS- SATURN opposition has already hit @ 2:55 am PDT. The Mars-Saturn opposition has happened. We may see violence erupt again in the world today. There may be shocking dreams and a restless night. It will impact you in your dreams. Chasing the truth or being chased by karmic enemies?  Let me know.

The CANCER MOON which has made me feel so wonderful, so peaceful, so happy to be in my home and safe with a roof over my head and good healthy food to eat. My daughter and I played cards tonight, something we haven’t done in years. We used to always play board games. It was fun. I love her and am so in awe of how she is growing up and her many, many talents. She is finally leaving High School in a month after doing an extra gap year. I started to sing “High School wasn’t meant to last forever.” from High School Musical which she loved for many years too. I’ve watched it maybe 20 times with her. She sang it. It was soo Cancer Moon. And I planted new seeds in our urban organic garden, it’s been enlarged a lot. I have to reconfigure where everything will go.

The Cancer Moon squares URANUS and ERIS in ARIES  that is while most people are asleep. So expect wild and crazy dreams and a restless night. 


Aclepios Dream Temple Astrology Tara Greene

This is dream healing time. The Ancients would incubate dreams in sacred healing temples to cure sickness. Take everything that comes in your dream tonight as a healing token. Treasure each symbol, figure, and everything you can’t understand about it. Don’t call it crazy. Nightmares and all dreams show up as your soul’s way of giving you feedback about many levels of your life. Dreams speak in symbols, this is an archetypal language.  Listen and learn and work with your symbols. I love to do dream work and led dream groups for many years. 

MOON FIRES INTO LEO @ 5:12 am PDT/ 8:12 a EDT/12:12 pm GMT  

we will be feeling the heat until the 31st. The mood is uplifting, passionate, wants to have fun and party. Very social, leadership skills rise to the fore. Let your heart open to everyone and everything you love. Have courage, It’s time to roar.  Leo Moon’s also bring out your inner child. Speak from your heart and use your will to focus on LOVE. 

Moon sextiles the GEMINI SUN

A little bromance? 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Mars Saturn Opposition, war of words, rare Flower of Life

The BIG aspect right now is MARS in GEMINI conjunct to the North Star opposite Saturn at the Galactic Center in SAGITTARIUS.  The aspect is exact May 28th in PDT @ 11:55 pm. May 29 @ 2:55 am EDT/ 6:55 am GMT/ 2:55 pm Beijing time. Remember they are both still squaring CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER in PISCES. 

This is a literal war of words and ideologies, religions,shuffling your conversations to suit the desired outcome so that one doesn’t have to commit. Don’t most politicians speak this? This is a divide and conquer mentality. Mars in GEMINI is the what Jungian psychology called the Peur Eternis or  Peter Pan syndrome. These are men who are children inside, egotistic, competitive, unsympathetic, afraid to commit, play the dice game all the time. Women also have an internal Peur Eternis preventing them from commitments too.

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is the wise elder SAGE teacher. Saturn alone symbolizes the father, the great patriarch who is the solid rock behind all else. He is time, history, physical reality, aging, and he insists on the truth because he has attained wisdom status and he knows the truth will set you free. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, it’s associated with religion, teaching, the law, inspiration, optimism, expansion, foreigners, and humor. We must learn from history and not try to bend truths and split people’s opinions to bring on a war agenda.  Learning from past experience is a mature thing to do. 

This is a Crusade’s reboot. I’ve written about this before. The mosque which the Manchester bomber attended was preaching hate and killing to all non-Muslims. This is a federal crime and should be punished. The Iman should be jailed and the mosque closed. Strict laws must be put into place to monitor and regulate all mosques and other religious organization which preaches hate. Many mosques will be closed and its imams’ jailed. I believe this is necessary for filtering out certain Muslim religious radicals do to protect the public at large from more Terrorist bombings. 

As in all oppositions, the key is in holding the tension between the two sides. Diplomacy is needed. Jupiter is in LIBRA now retrograde is the perfect Ambassador.

We are always supposed to follow the North Star as it symbolizes True North, the place of wisdom. But the Galactic Center is the even more cosmic True North. In mythology, it symbolizes the place where all souls are born and to where they return. It’s the cosmic portal or Cosmic Vagina/ YONI in this Galaxy.

Mars in Gemini is about choices, the warrior God has to be strategic in his battle plans and his words. ATHENA, the Feminine version of Mars, the warrior Goddess is in ARIES @ 20+ degrees, in Mars’ home turf, definitely in battle mode, but she is conjunct to VENUS the Love Goddess @ 22+ degrees who is rubbing shoulders with ERIS, the Goddess of Discord who started the ancient Trojan War @ 23+ degrees, and they are all conjunct to URANUS @ 26 degrees ARIES.

Do we choose war or do we choose a radical new for of LOVE? Venus is sextile to MARS.

This opposition is very much the energy of THE TOWER in the TAROT # 16 which is related to MARS

Tower Tarot Tara Greene

The TOWER archetype was already lived in the U.S. at 911. In The Tarot, the Card preceding The Tower is #15 The DEVIL card, which is Capricorn and ruled by SATURN/ Satan. This represents Corporate structure, the government and the Patriarchy itself. It is the choice to blame the other, make them the scapegoat, and to split from source. These are the Tarot archetypes of this MARS-SATURN opposition.

the Devil Tarot Tara Greene

The Archetypal Card after the Tower is THE STAR #17 the beautiful blessing of cosmic consciousness from AQUARIUS, which URANUS rules.

Star Tarot Tara Greene tarot reading


If we want to go to a higher place in this we must literally follow the STARS> 

This aspect can be seen as very, very tough. Mars and Saturn are the great malefic’s. SATURN specifically is the great karmic TESTER the Cosmic COP. And we can see the oppositions in politics, ideologies, the rich and the poor in every facet of life.  A friend of mine always used to say SATURN ALWAYS WINS. All of those planets in ARIES are in Trine to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS which creates a GRAND FIRE TRINE with the NORTH NODE IN LEO.  All of that FIRE is a blasting inferno of transformation. This is a very powerful inspiration for change, for new choices, for disrupting the old systems, mental patterns, internal dialogues, and also through hi-tech, communications, and through higher consciousness breakthroughs!

All of that FIRE is a blasting inferno of transformation. This is a very powerful inspiration for change, for new choices, for disrupting the old systems, mental patterns, internal dialogues, and also through hi-tech, communications, and through higher consciousness breakthroughs!

PLUTO in CAPRICORN is squaring Venus, Athena, ERIS, URANUS and JUPITER in LIBRA. There are huge power players in these negotiations. 


This is the classic Mother/whore split of illusions come to light. Women are not all perfect “immaculate conception” Mother Mary’s or sluts. They have both sides to them which are not to be double standardized by the Patriarchy anymore. This brings up sex addictions issues and pornography which manipulates men and women. I believe that all of the biggest wounds are because of splitting from the Great mother’s or source and unconditional love. Back to the Devil.

MERCURY the ruler of MARS in GEMINI at 15 degrees Taurus is firmly grounded and forming a YOD in a sextile to NEPTUNE in PISCES and both inconjunct to JUPITER. JUPITER is the head mediation planet. 

I am looking at the chart and there is a 5 pointed star between the major player planets and points which turns into a rare 6 pointed STAR Merkabah by including the Great FIXED STAR SPICA at 24+ degrees LIBRA. The potentially difficult Mars-Saturn Opposition has a stellar helper as SPICA holds the key to the FLOWER of LIFE. 

May 28/29 Mars- Saturn opposition also contains a rare 6 pointed star formation

The Great Star SPICA is the ear of corn that the Goddess in the Virgo constellation holds. This star is reputed to have very healing, positive properties.  SPICA holds the key to unfolding and balancing difficult oppositions. By refusing to be split and caught in the scapegoat game, SPICA brings the truth that all is whole.  

I would call upon The GODDESS and her fixed STAR SPICA to creat a Merkaba which is the balance of the Masculine and the Feminine. This will help with any exhaustion you may be feeling from the stress of these alignments

SPICA is of the nature of VENUS and MARS. Its image is a bird, or a man laden with merchandise. It gives riches, overcomes difficulties, removes scarcity and mischief. minerals and herbs are emerald, sage, trefoil, periwinkle, mugwort and Mandrake. 

SPICA is associated with spiritual and religious qualities.  “Psychic awareness is also above average in such people, especially if the more sensitive planets, Moon, Venus, Neptune or Lilith are conjunct Spica.” Quoting from this book I have, The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse,1988, p.67. Check out planets, asteroids, and other major factors SPICA conjuncts in your natal chart.

JUPITER turned RETROGRADE in January @ 23 degrees LIBRA conjunct to SPICA. Jupiter is regressing through some imbalanced karmic relationship issues and will conjunct SPICA on SEPTEMBER 12 turning direct. Results of this Merkaba may take until then to see fruitions. 

SPICA is associated with Tarot Major #3 THE EMPRESS the GREAT MOTHER, VENUS. Empress Tarot cards Tara Greene

Spica rules the Navel, 3rd SOLAR chakra, MANIPURA, Hara or ORRENDE in Indigenous American shamanic teachings. 

In a meditation, focus on your 3rd chakra. This is the SUN/SOL/SOUL center. Imagine Spica in the skies at 23 LIBRA Tropical Astrology. See how beautiful she is and connect with her as the GREAT MOTHER, the Goddess, and bring her starlight, down into your crown chakra at the top of your head and down your 6th or 3rd eye centers, drawing Her Starlight down into your throat, heart chakra and down your spine into your naval this is where your will connects to the UNIVERSE. 

Breathe SPICAS’ cosmic light into your 3rd chakra which is also a STAR, your navel. This star to star contact unfolds a great MERKABAH which can contain all of the apparent dichotomies in play right now in the world and in our personal lives. 

Ask SPICA what part you can play in holding this stellar energy for the good of all. Wait and listen during meditation. Vow to take your part in helping the worlds division and your own inner splits to balance and become whole.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. Any reproduction of this article must link back to my site and note my authorship. 

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The Mercury Buddha meets Thor Astrology

May 27 Mercury quincunx Jupiter

Gemini Moon still bopping away the only new aspect is a square from the Moon to Chiron in PISCES while under an already void od course Moon @ 1:46 am PDT.

Moon enters CANCER and comes home.

The mood changes to distinctly emotional, sentimental all about comfort food, nurturing, gathering with family or friends and feeding each other, caring openly supporting and offering emotional safety. Feelings are strong. Women and children are the focus. It is also an excellent planting time if you haven’t gotten your garden in yet, this is the last New Moon day.

Mercury in TAURUS quincunx Jupiter in LIBRA -NO BULLSHIT!

Jupiter and Mercury Astrology Tara Greene

Giovanni Battista Langetti, Mercury Presenting Thunderbolts to Jupiter mid 1600’s

Mercury is our intellect, our brains, how we communicate and think. In earthy, sensuous Taurus we think from our bodies, our earthly desires not our detached minds primarily. 

VENUS rules Mercury in TAURUS and she is in in her fiery warrioress Wonder Woman aspect right now, perfect timing for the Movie’s launch. 


The large gas planet who we are getting rather up close to and personal with lately courtesy is also THOR in Nordic astrology wielding his hammer and lightning. He is the avenging Patriarchal jealous God of the Old Testament. In LIBRA JUPITER is wanting everyone to think he is nice and he is more conscious of his social position. But Jupiter exaggerates everything, blowing it up. So imbalance is also a problem now or too much socializing or flippant light frothy nothings.

This aspect can manifest in different ways.

Mercury is THE MAGICIAN #1 Tarot Card and JUPITER is THE WHEEL of FORTUNE #10

You can use the benefic powers of the focussed mind of Mercury to bring you expansion, optimism, luck, and happiness. But it will be a difficult struggle with a quincunx between earth and air elements.

You can use Jupiter’s really feisty temper with Mercury as a BIG MOUTH to shout out various earthy expletives or use social media to show your judgments and disapproval. 

This aspect can really mess with your mind though. Mercury in Taurus is very focused on the practical everyday duties and stuff that needs to get taken care of.  Big philosophy, studying history, the law, teaching, pontificating are all the things Jupiter loves to do, plus Travel, learn, inspire, teaching, these are lofty ideals. And of course, speaking the truth.  So it may feel difficult to integrate grand belief systems into your everyday 9-5 humdrum life.

Jupiter is intellectual and Taurus is not. Taurus is totally sensuously embodied. Use Taurus’s slowed down body awareness to listen to your own head trips or inner dialogues would be very resourceful to enhancing your life. Practicing mindful meditation would do wonders.

The sign of Taurus is best described by the etymology of the word incarnation which means  “in the flesh,” “in the meat (carne),”  Taurus is the second sign where we incarnate into the meat body from Aries, the fiery Spirit.  Our bodies are connected to everything, our minds, emotions our senses, and our spirits nothing is separate.  

The Buddha is commemorated on the Full Moon in May as his birth, enlightenment and death date.  Therefore the Buddhas life is TAURUS. The Buddha famously touched the earth, as his witness to his enlightenment indicating that being in the body is the very source of enlightenment.

Mercury in TAURUS is like a bull in the China Shop. Jupiter is in the Heavens hurtling lightning bolts. That combo can be very destructive. 

Use this energy wisely. Tame the raging bull in your mind. Harness Jupiter’s positive trusting side. No matter how meaty, dirty and gritty things are in reality in your life or in the news, trust that justice and balance will be restored. Jupiter’s greatest gift is humor and faith. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Gemini Moon is constantly on the go

As true to the nature of a Mutable Gemini Air sign this Twin moon day is busy. There are 5 aspects in PDT and EDT. 7 in PDT.
1. Moon trined JUPITER in LIBRA early this a.m. 
a great gab fest was had by all. Did you have pleasant dreams at being at suave cocktail parties where you were the hostess with the mostest?
Gemini Moon square Neptune Tara Greene, collage by Emily Trinkaus

collage by Emily Trinkaus 

Your Mind on Neptune with a Gemini Moon 
2. MOON Squared Neptune in PISCES
Neptune rules the dreamscape. You may have found it difficult to wake up this morning. Or did today feel like a dream? Feedback, please.  This is quite a creative and magical energy.  Start to speak your dreams out loud, this makes the ideas real. Neptune is ethereal. 
Are your romantic dreams coming to fruition or R U lost in a love fog? 
3.Gemini Moon inconjunct to PLUTO
I can’t decide whose strings to pull.What Gemini said that? 
4.MOON sextiles VENUS in ARIES-sexy talk – happened already still in effect
That Venus Amazon warrioress sure is on my wavelength today.
5. GEMINI MOON conjunct MARS- sexy talk  @ 7:21 pm PDT/ 10:21 pm EDT
Go out to a party or have a great chatty, flirty time with as many people as you want. The action is in your zone right now.
6 and 7th aspects in PDT tonight/ on the 27th tomorrow after the witching hour.
6. GEMINI MOON opposes SATURN @ 9:53 pm PDT/ on 27 @ 12:53 am EDT/ 4:54 pm GMT
This seriositizes your words and intentions. The ever mutable Gemini moon loves to play with words. There’s a new one for you. Saturn in Sagittarius Retrograde is a warning that you must be careful not to do the usual run off at the mouth. Always speak the truth, look at the consequences of what you are saying or else you may hear from the lawyers or tax man. Be careful of not getting caught by the Cosmic COP. 
7. Gemini moon sextiles Uranus in Aries- 11:18 pm PDT/on 27th 2:18 am EDT/ 6:18 am GMT
Be prepared for wild and crazy totally outta the box ideas. The big light can pop ON. A good time to commune for an organizing or committee meeting or simply with your tribe.
Tomorrow is not so busy. 
There is one major aspect. 
The ever looming MARS – SATURN opposition is on SUNDAY  I’ll write about it separately.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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