Weekend astro alert

Gemini Moon tara greene Astrology


GEMINI by JAKE BAddeley APRIL 29 Gemini MOON keeps us light in mood and feeling like social butterflies. This is a pleasant day for socializing and meeting and talking to new people. 

The Moon quincunxes Pluto at night 

Nazi dreams, nightmares and ghoulish entities may appear. This is a collective fear shadow. 

Moon sextiles Mercury and Uranus in ARIES 

Good for sparkly conversations and unusual points of view if you like to debate things. Rehash some old ideas and polish them up. 

Moon squares CHIRON in PISCES in the afternoon

Being innocent or immature doesn’t mean you don’t feel vulnerable or hurt deep down.Talk about it, share your views helps others to establish intimacy and trust.


Saturn Retrograde always poses serious blocks. Saturn makes us mature. Brainstorm any long term plans for education, traveling, learning resources and for asking big questions. A teacher of spirituality, metaphysics, languages, philosophy, justice or religion may be fascinating to you. It’s a good time to read or to hear a lecture. You want to exchange ideas and points of view.   

Moon is void of course from 2:28 pm PDT until 6:48 pm PDT

Moon enters homebody loving, nurturing, sentimental, CANCER.

CAncer Moon astrology Tara Greene

This is a stay at home, cook a homemade meal, relax and enjoy energy. You will be feeling more moody and emotional. Visit family, call your mother or be with your children or those who support and love you and who make you feel safe. Comfort and emotional security come first. Home improvement tasks are enjoyable during the Cancer Moon. It’s also good for gardening. Take a long relaxing healing bath. You know how intense the energies have been. 

Moon squares VENUS later in the evening

This can be a romantic, spontaneously charged evening. Women are feeling independent. This gives the masculine energy a chance to be passive and supportive of women’s strength. 

The Cancer moon energy continues all weekend in GMT. 

Nourish yourself on all levels. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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