Karmic Cosmic Healing Crisis, Saturn Square Chiron

Yah, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed by SATURN, sitting at the Galactic Center, the great black hole, the void, moving up to an exact square to CHIRON the Wounded Shamanic Healer on April 30 at 27+ degrees PISCES. We have been feeling this approach for weeks now.

Saturn the TAX MAN, Father Time, the PATRIARCHY, D. Trump and his ilk, planet of limitations, earth plane reality, testing, obstacles, maturity is hitting me pretty hard. CHIRON is where we are the most vulnerable and also where the greatest healing is.   That’s enough thanks. 

If you have planets at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS or PISCES or VIRGO or GEMINI you are feeling this affect the most intensely. My Natal Mercury is at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS.  The whole cosmos is being affected. 

Saturn square CHIRON

every thought I think is being weighed down by Saturn’s heavy- literally leaden, weight. It is depressing. I can’t pretend to be up when I am not.  

Saturn in Sagittarius governs the truth, higher truths, courts, teachers, higher education, traveling, foreigners, its all in the news. 

Saturn and CHIRON are bringing us a KARMIC COSMIC healing crisis. Chiron in PISCES is also very empathic and expands our natural telepathy. We are dreaming each other’s dreams. 

Chiron in PISCES is also very empathic. We are feeling the wounds of everyone who is hurting. All the children who were stolen and traded in sex trafficking, the child marriages, the beheaded gays, the stoned women, those killed by terrorists, any kind of violence, rape, bullying, abuse, emotional, physically and spiritually, we are all one and feeling each other’s pains. The laboring women, the dying, the sick. Any religious intolerance is spiritual intolerance. Any harming of one harms all. It is enormous.  I just want to cry and cry. 

The crying helps us to make real, to contact, to hold, to touch, to feel our pain personally and collectively. That is SATURN’s job. The spiritual and the physical are two halves of the same coin.

Justice needs to happen. There are dark evil forces in the world. Some people are psychotic. Some hold grudges for lifetimes and lifetimes. Those who torture were themselves tortured. Forgiveness is important but not until the grief is fully allowed to run its course. Making amends is necessary. This is like a Humans anonymous crises. We can’t understand it all. But we must look to the higher teachings and higher spiritual realms for answers. 

My husband was talking about the Lords of KARMA, Saturn’s realm. He was saying that when you die your life review is a trick by the Lords of Karma to make you feel guilty so you will be fooled to re-entering the earth plane which is a prison. My old teacher Stuart Wilde whose teachings I really respected said that too. Earth is a prison planet and really there are much more beautiful, rarefied, heaven worlds which we remember from being there in the stars, that’s why we are always searching for our real homes in the cosmos. The answer to the Lords of Karma is to say to them. “I am OK with it” and I’m leaving now Bye and exit as quickly as you can for much higher planes of love.

Wherever that story originated I love it. I just sensed the smell of turmeric and fine incense appear, I have not lit incense. There is an opening in space that just gave me a physical sign. 

Just say It’s OK I’m fine with it. This is NOT DENIAL, which is also PISCES realm. Do not run from the pain, Do not run from the anguish, hurt, mortification, embarrassment, humiliation, rejection, anger, rage, frustration, depression, or ennui. Do not escape from your feelings. That is why you and I are on this earth plane. Feel it all fully. This is TAURUS season. 

Then when you have cried or raged or bathed in it, cleansed it, done ceremony with it, given it back to the mother earth to her molten core. Then you can be OK with it. But it doesn’t mean you don’t act. You don’t do, you don’t work to improve it. 

We must collectively denounce #pizzagate, demonic practices, corporate rape, racism, sexism, ignorance, police brutality, secrets, control, power cabals, the Federal Reserve, the IMF, toxins, animal abuse, child abuse, the injustice. Let me know how you are doing. 


Knight of Cups Thoth Tarot Tara Greene



Ah the Tarot, always in synch. This is the Knight of Cups, governing 21 degrees of Aquarius to 20 degrees of  PISCES. This is like the image of CHIRON in PISCES himself. 

In the Tree of Life, this card is specific Fire in the world of Primal water. Water is the substance that represents the unconscious mental world. This card personifies the motivational force of fire or spirit which activates the currents of the unconscious.  STIR IT UP 

The Crab which rises from the HOLY GRAIL cup, symbolizes Cancer, ruled by the Moon which directs the flow of the tides externally and internally, especially women’s moon time. The Crab also symbolizes the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis, known as Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea or the womb of the world, the collective unconscious material. 

This card is related to the 2nd Sephiroth Chokma, and the High PRIESTESS in the Tarot is related to this placement as well.  The 2’s always symbolize balance. 

This card symbolizes clarifying one’s emotional intentions. The green Knight, the male is dedictaed to honoring and protecting the Holy Grail and the Divine Feminine. He upholds the virtues and teachings of the womb, of the Great Mother first and foremost. 

Be clear about what and whom you serve. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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9 thoughts on “Karmic Cosmic Healing Crisis, Saturn Square Chiron

  1. Thank you Tara for another wonderful article. You are the lighthouse for us seeking safe harbor during these difficult transits.

    I have my moon at 29 Pisces in the 6th on the 7th cusp, opposite Uranus 0 Libra in the 12th on 1st cusp and Asc at 0 Libra in the 1st on the cusp. Saturn is 24 Aries in 7th.

    I feel solid. In my emotions, resolutions, goals and plans.

    I actually feel like a grown up, at 48.

    I am helping to run a large Womens Huddle, a remnant of Jan 21st Womens March, and a large local Huddle network in my area. The Huddle (the Hive) has helped make me feel empowered, connected, strong and supported.

    I have met so many strong, determined and compassionate women, who, everyday, are working to organize and change the world, to end suffering in all of its forms, who support all things good and each other and give us all hope.

    The energy of this feminine wave is extraordinary and healing, and I offer it’s energy to you to help you through this difficult transit. This energy is silently and stealthy building everyday.

    Maybe its the 29 Pisces moon talking, but love is in no hurry to leave this earthly plain. The earth needs as much love as it can possibly get!

    I dont want to win a ticket off, I am compelled to make earth a better place that removes the pain and creates more love here, transforming the prison into heaven. Its hard work!!!!

    Peace, love and light to you and all of those who suffer, the revolution is here, its happening….. oxox


    • you have a powerful chart Meg. Your womens work with the Hive, I love that phrase sounds amazing. I know there is lots of positive energy being built and structured as well. Glad that you feel so solid. The earth is a beautiful place and we are her children. It is faulty human consciousness of separation that creates the prison. I know the revolution is evolving . Peace and love to you too.


  2. Excellent post, yes, I can personally see and feel the heaviness of these placements.

    I want to share a very different perspective on the Lords of Karma based on experiences with these beings last year.

    The clarified in much where the myth of Lords of Karma comes from and the misunderstanding that is being spread exponentially about this planet being a “prison” and that other beings “control” our karma and reincarnation process,

    This is very far from true at a level except from a detail.

    These beings were nothing more than the ministers of justice of past lives in physical, and the creators of laws and prisons. Absolutely nothing different to our current ministers of justice and prisons in physical found in every country.

    In the past though, population was much smaller compared to the more than 7 billion people living here and the thousands of people who apply laws and all the police forces existing.

    The astral planes and the physical are a system that feeds itself in such a way that what we see in the astral is in much a reflection of past and current events, especially traumatic events.

    Hence, when many people see these planes, they see such so called Lords of Karma and receive misleading information about prison planet. Please, if this was a prison planet there would be no beauty. There would be no beautiful landscapes, moments of joy and peace, art, music, all forms of beauty. I hardly understand how so many people are now claiming that this is a prison, based on their difficult experiences and what so many false spiritual speakers say.

    The biggest Lord of Karma and judge that we face after death is ourselves, our Higher Self, and the rest of the beings that we see and talk to are just close connections but no one else decides what our path is other than our own soul. We participate in the play with our soul connections but there is no trick in that.

    If we happen to see these so called Lords of Karma and plan something with them, likely there is this karma from those unresolved past lives that needs to be healed in which they judged people and sent them to prison in physical. We can always apply forgiveness and asked to be released from those wounds if this is the case, but only because a lot of people say that these beings interfere in our soul paths does not mean that everyone has a karmic tie to them that needs to be healed.


    • hi, This earth plane is a place of exquisite beauty,of course and also a place of much pain and suffering. It exits in a dualistic universe by its very nature. One does not exclude the other. Many men in prison experience divine revelations, Nelson Mandala for example. I was really riffing off something my husband said to me about this. The Lords of Karma would also be archetypal projections at the end of our own life. Yes we are our own judges, and there is a cosmic justice, as in the ancient Egyptian Goddess Maat weighing our hearts on her golden scales against her ostrich feather. These are all archetypes. We can always see the error of our ways and as for forgiveness and forgive ourselves. NOt everyone experiences the same things that is true. Evryone projects their own experiences and karma. Thats OK. I like the phrase. I am all right with it. My husband added the other xpression is to know that you are sovereign in your own life. Thanks

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      • Thank you Tara, I like very much your vision of these beings being archetypes. Recently I talked to someone who was unfairly sent to prison for many years, a lady, and she said that was when her spiritual path began as a healer.

        The first time I heard about the Lords of Karma was around 2011 I think, the problem in the way this concept is handled since then and more at this time by some famous guys now posting videos and giving conferences, is that they literally say they enslave us and that this planet is a prison because negative people are in rehab lol.

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