Shamanic Galactic Healing time.

April 19 The Capricorn Moon energy helps us to embody our pain, both personal and collective, our wounds,our grief and our healing with limitless unconditional love from Source. This is the end of a major cycle which last occurred 50 years ago when Chiron was at the same degree in late Pisces.

Some of you may not have even been born then. Others may only have been children. If you were a child look at what was happening in your life then.
The ongoing CHIRON, the wounded healer and shaman and SATURN, the boundary Lord of reality and Karma in square at 27 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center is a very powerful time to let go of that which does not serve you.

Capricorn Moon trines MARS in TAURUS  

Sun squares MOON 

we are a week away from the Moon in Taurus  April 26 

MOON enters AQUARIUS early in the day

Our thoughts are more akin to working in groups, collaborating and seeking the higher levels of consciousness. Inventive, pioneering and zapped. 


mood may be stubborn. 

SUN enters TAURUS 

The Sun in TAURUS is practical and sensual. Yes definitely learn to appreciate being on the earth plane. 

TAURUS rules the Throat Chakra the Vishuddi chakra

Our words have great power, the throat is our power center. This is a new beginning in communication.

Sun conjuncts Mercury @ 10:54 pm PDT/ 20 @ 1:54 am EDT

The SUN conjuncts MERCURY @ ZERO degrees TAURUS late on the 19th/ early on the 20th at zero degrees TAURUS. This union combusts or burns up Mercury in the Sun.

This indicates a new beginning in concrete thoughts and ideas; of expressing the mind in a more embodied, sensual, practical way. Mercury combust indicates communications issues are difficult, burnt out, weak. 
What ideas, attitudes, and thoughts need to be put into the fire?

Zero degrees of TAURUS will square where the next GREAT CONJUNCTION of the planets JUPITER and SATURN meet at zero degrees AQUARIUS in 2020.

Perhaps we should see this as a prepping place for new growth at that time.

Mercury combust indicates communications issues are difficult, weak and burnt up. Be very careful with what you say and think today. Cell phones may spontaneously burst into flames. What old ideas do you need to place on the pyre and let them burn away?


Look at the house Mercury is currently transiting in your natal chart, as well as the houses ruled by Mercury in your natal chart to see how the combustion might be showing up for you in your life. 

The ongoing intense CHIRON VENUS SATURN square is bringing up a lot of heavy issues.

It feels to me like what is referred to as The DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL.

This would be symbolized by the card of the Moon in the Tarot #18 

Moon, Astrology tarot tara Greene


This card symbolizes PISCES, the ocean of the unconscious, the shadow. This is what CHIRON is bringing up to the surface to heal. This is why the world seems like such a shit show. Threat of WWlll, bombing of innocent people, power brokers, corruption everywhere. As higher conscious rises, the dark comes up from the bottom. This can feel very painful, you may feel defeated, lost, cynical and turn to your usual addictions, sex, money, power, control, TV, status, consumerism, defenses.

CHIRON in PISCES shows us our addictions. We need to get to the bottom of our karmic issues. There is only one cause, separation from the SOURCE or LOVE. We need to release ou old scripts of feeling like and being the victim, martyr or of being angry, jealous, vindictive, aggressive, defended, co-dependent, over controlling. 

Pisces is the sign of salvation, of source renewal. See this as a world cleansing period for most of this year.
Learn how to be vulnerable with yourself and others is the greatest strength. Loving those very tender wounded parts of yourself is a healing balm. Once you surrender and ask the Galactic Center, symbol of the cosmic vesica Pisces to bathe you in cosmic light from the source of the void and assist in your own rebirth, the New Aeon is in process of being reborn. We are the birth givers, the midwives, the shamans and shamankas, the ancient and the future ones. I speak from the Galactic Center.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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