Venus turns direct, love in motion

Venus turns direct April 15  @ 3:18 am PDT/ 6:18 am EDT/10:18 am GMT.

Venus Turns Direct, Astrology, Tara Greene

VENUS or a Woman with a Mirror by Titian, c. 1515 

At 26+ degrees she is squaring SATURN in SAGITTARIUS at the Galactic Centre. 

Love begins to move forward as does the flow of money.

The Omega Chandra symbol for 27 PISCES by John Sandbach is:

“Pisces 27. A spider searching its web. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Rochel (ro-SHEL) Lost and Found, Restitution)

Whatever we become entangled with by circumstances, must be something that we need, for everything is there for us to learn from. This degree knows that truth and so is very accepting of anything that comes its way – always trying to figure out the relationship of that thing to itself. Its magic is the ability to transform the seemingly random into the deeply meaningful.
The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A ritual sand painting.”

WHirling rainbow sand painting Navaho Astrology

NAVAHO SAND PAINTING of the Whirling Rainbow

Here is the desire to bring all of one’s vision and aliveness into the moment, without having to worry about the future or what it holds. The sand painting reveals the underlying cosmic patterns of the universe. It shows us something, but because the grains of sand are not fixed, and will be thrown to the winds once the painting is completed, it reminds us that these cosmic patterns it reveals are actually within us – we are living them. Can we, like the spider of the Omega Symbol, search our mind to see if we have captured the meaning of them?

This degree carries the emphatic message that we need to align ourselves with the energies of the moment in the cosmic dance, and not worry about the future, for the present wholly and fully lived will give birth to the most beautiful of futures.

Pleiadian Symbol: A golden moon, newly arisen.

Azoth Symbol: A man, having fainted, returns with the memory of a dream.

Seed degree: Aquarius 24. A helicopter depositing a man on the top of the Great Pyramid. (Omega Symbol). Direct access to spiritual awareness allows us to see our desires and needs in a new way – allows us to understand what our karma has captured and drawn to us.

A large brown bear picking and eating apples. (Chandra Symbol). Seeking immediate and spontaneous nourishment we come into a realization of the ephemeral patterns of reality, and a greater harmony with them.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 30.By time traveling, a man takes a photograph of dinosaurs. (Omega Symbol). Seeking for something to nurture ourselves we probe deeply into our needs, which carries us to their roots in the past.

The completion of a large Persian rug. (Chandra Symbol). When attachment to set forms is given up, we find within ourselves the freedom to achieve closure where closure is needed and appropriate.”

Sagittarius MOON squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

We will be feeling optimistic, the truth will out, our dreams will take us to higher places. 

Moon sextiles JUPITER in LIBRA

all very positive aspects. Jupiter rules both SAGITTARIUS and PISCES. 


Mars in TAURUS is sextile CHIRON in PISCES  exact on the 16th

and Venus and MARS in sexy sextiles the same day too.

The is a lovely, lovely healing energy. Many past issues can be forgiven. This is a time of forgiveness on Easter Sunday, a symbol of death and rebirth. Mars in Taurus is in VENUS’s sign. He is bowing down to her needs. This is very sensuous and all about appreciating beauty everywhere. Mars in Taurus is practical and stubborn and just wants to enjoy al the beauty in the world to the fullest. He wants to get on with getting things done. This helps to keep us grounded.

Things have been very intense the last while with Sun-Uranus and all the cardinal crosses. Relax today and enjoy a feeling of wellbeing and balance. 

The energy is more intense on the 16th but you deserve as we all do some universal support. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated.

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