Shock and Awe Sun conjunct Uranus

 April 13 Moon is Void at 9:18 pm PDT/ April 14 @ 12:18 am EDT/ 4:18 am GMT.
The Tower Trump #16 Tara Greene
Italian Classic deck or the Soprafino Tarot deck
The HUGE SUN Uranus conjunction @ 24+ degrees ARIES is HUGE for the U.S. and for all of us.
The Shock of the SUN conjunct URANUS is an awakening to HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS and LIGHT.  It can be very beautiful as it destroys the ego and illusions. It is so full or radiant light, stay focussed on that godlike light which is love. Allow it to be your guide. 
URANUS is in a T- square from the U.S. natal 4th house where URANUS is squaring exactly the U.S. Natal Mercury Retrograde at 24 degrees CANCER in its 8th house of finances, and transformation, it is Scorpio like.
URANUS squares PLUTO at 27+ Rx degrees in CAPRICORN. 
This is real SHOCK AWE, chaos, revolution, freedom, transformation, death, power, rebirth, secrets, control and definitely a possibility of a Nuclear war. 
Both URANUS- Uranium and Pluto- PLUTONIUM are radioactive materials. 
In the news Donald Trump threatens ” We are sending an armada” to eliminate North Kore with or without China. 
This may not get triggered until August 21 when a SOLAR ECLIPSE in LEO at 28 degrees opposes the U.S. Natal Moon at 27 degrees AQUARIUS. That degree is exactly conjunct to Trump’s Natal Mars, where he acts from,  at 26 degrees LEO and his ASCENDANT at 29 degrees LEO, conjunct to Fixed Star Regulus, the Star of Kings and Queens.  It could also mean Trump’s downfall. 
Regarding NORTH KOREA  
The country born on September 10, 1948 @ 12:01 am Pyongyang  North Korea
The country has its NATAL SATURN at 28 degrees LEO. Saturn is KARMA. This is North Korea’s 2nd Saturn Return. 
Transiting Saturn at 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS will be conjunct N. Korea’s Jupiter at 20 degrees Sagittarius and squaring its Natal Sun at 16 degrees VIRGO.
OUCH.  I hope that a nuclear war is not immanent. 
In your own life the pressure of Uranus keeps breaking down old structures, awakening new ideas and technology. The Tower is a lightning flash of insight. Stay with the insight and allow it to blast away all the old illusions. It all comes from love.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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