The great wound and the great healing Astrology

I am changing up what and how I have been writing now as I am feeling the need to channel more. 

These energies are very very intense now. Modern astrologers were saying the 7 exact squares between Pluto and Uranus from 2012-2015 were the major transpersonal shifters of this generation. Of course, these cycles have been ongoing since the 60’s between the transpersonal planets and they are always ongoing for eternity. We hadn’t figured Eris entering our consciousness to be so impactful as it was recently discovered in 2005.

The present Chiron-Saturn square to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius

is EXACT APRIL 30  at 27+ degrees PISCES- SAGITTARIUS. The aspect is within 2 degrees for most of May and another exact square at the beginning of November. These transits of CHIRON only happens once every 50 years, Saturn’s is 28 years archetypally.

I  feeling these energies so so deeply right now. I feel like a cipher for the powerful energies of the planet. Pluto in Capricorn is ruthless corporate power, and control mechanisms, secrets, and shadows. Uranus breaks down the old saturnine structures. 

This is a purification time. It is time to understand and see through our own deepest shadows, to feel our wounds and our vulnerable parts in order to gain our true spiritual strength beyond ego. This is a time to courageously face your deepest shadows and along with me transmute the entire world.  This will take strength from Saturn, and will as the North Node enters LEO in MAY and total faith.

The aspects are relatively light today under a Scorpio moon. With Moon opposing Retro Mercury in Taurus and Moon trining NEPTUNE later in the day. Scorpio moon days are always intense, expect secrets, power hungry shadows, and obsessive energies. 

Use the Deep power of the Scorpio Neptune trine for meditation clarity, and dream recall and for programming Lucid Dreaming


Divination Card of the Day
Oracle cards Tara GreeneCreation Codex Cards by KA’ryna SH’ha

This is a very special deck of channeled Codex Creation cards by my friend KA’ryna SH’ha who lives near Toronto. She is an amazing sound healer and channels divine wisdom in many forms.

“The Wisdom of the day MerTau 10

Mertau means Master eminence and Harmony

BLESSINGS: Light Body nourished with aromatic love spells.

DIVINE QUOTE: Walk with truth dance divinity

Phi Ratio Meridien Exponent is 55

SNA command: allow all.

Message: The Golden Grace is a gift of flowing eternity from All That Is. Grant us the giving and receiving of Golden Light of Grace and everlasting completeness that restores all into the All. Here we are in the eternal heart-space, releasing sounds of vibrational harmony restoring our oneness into the All That Is. copyright Golden Light Graces 2011.” KA’ryna Sh’ha

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene except otherwise indicated.

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4 thoughts on “The great wound and the great healing Astrology

  1. Tara, your natal Mercury conjunct the Galactic Centre is so evident in all you share and such a gift for us all. Thank you. Expressing a much wider more expansive view! My Mars is 26 Sag, still trying to figure that one out! Looking forward to more channeling. Love Jo xx


  2. “It is time to understand and see through our own deepest shadows” This is exactly what has been happening for me over the past few weeks, and yesterday was a huge breakthrough/ breakdown of my ego and my “story”, allowing me to realize the truth of my own behaviour over the last 5 years and how it helped create the relationship problems we now have. More details on my facebook update yesterday, as it is very personal so I won’t share more here.

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