Mercury Retrograde,give yourself a mental break

Contrary to popular memes, and scare tactic news grabbing stories, Mercury Retrogrades are positive healing times to rest, renew and reflect. The signs of VIRGO and GEMINI, governed by Mercury feel the Retro energy the strongest, but we are all affected by the Retro dance of the planet. Remember to double and triple check all information, which will be moving slower during the Retrograde. All things pertaining to communications, which is basically everything, and our cell phones and computers will be off kilter somewhat, marching to a different drummer. Expect news, information and the flow to be slow and go with it. It wil be less frustrating that way. 

Mercury Retrograde Astrology TAra Greene

Mercury will turn Retrograde April 9th @ 4+ degrees in Taurus until May 3rd where it turns Direct @ 24 degrees in Aries. This is a very powerful time as the planet changes direction. Mercury in Taurus is a very concrete, literal, hands-on thinking resourceful energy. Mercury is known as the planet governing communications, thinking and analysis, the mercantile business or merchants and also thieves and tricksters.

Mercury in symbolized by Tarot Card # 1the MAGICIAN

Mercury Retrogade Tara Greene astrology

We are in a universal #1 Magician year

Mercury in Taurus is a very concrete, literal, hands-on thinking resourceful energy. Mercury is known as the planet governing communications, thinking and analysis, the mercantile business or merchants and also thieves and tricksters.

Mercury in Aries is the fastest thinking, talking, spontaneous, overly zealous communicator, and salesman there is. Mercury in ARIES is great for igniting new projects, ideas, self-image and energizing one’s brain.

On April 20th when Mercury re-enters ARIES you will feel that shift.

MERCURY will be trining the South Node in Virgo until April 20th. The Virgo South Node relates to health, our digestion, the food we eat, our jobs, order, discipline, natural herbs and healing, community, pets and being of service. This is the perfect time for letting go of past thought structures and belief systems that have been holding you back. It’s time to let go of mental patterns of being addicted to perfection, being overly controlling or O.C.D. and worrying excessively. It’s easier to let go when the planet is moving Retrograde.

During this Mercury Retrograde the questions to ponder are;
What mental pictures do I need to dissolve in order to create a new self-image? How can I be more assertive in my work? How can I infuse spirit, passion, and will into my self-concepts? A mental makeover is what’s needed.

Remember to really make the best use of this Mercury Retrogrades as a positive healing time to rest your weary mind, renew your brain, and reflect. Finishing up any old written works, a thesis, essays, or editing and re-working all communications. Back to the drawing board is what to do.  Going on a silent retreat for even a day would be perfect as it exactly symbolizes the inwards motion of the Lord of speech’s energy.

Enjoy Mercury’s Retrograde and give yourself a mental break. You deserve it.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Pink pussy Full Moon in April

The Full LIBRA Moon on April 10 @ 11:08 pm PDT/ 11th @ 2:08 am EDT/ 6:08 am GMT is known by many names, the Pink moon because of pink mosses and phlox flowers but also known as the Sprouting Grass, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon. All of these names are synonymous with the Divine Feminine.

LIBRA, an Air sign, symbolizes cosmic  balance. The scales are those of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Maat’s scales of justice, #8 or #11 in the TAROT. Maat weighs human hearts against her ostrich feather after death. If one’s heart is heavier than her feather than rebirth is necessary until all balances out. Libra is ruled by VENUS, the Goddess Herself who is at the degree of her EXALTATION, where she is the most beautiful, spiritual and powerful especially in her Retrograde phase. Expansive optimistic JUPITER is by her side bringing fortune and more beneficial energies and riches.

Pink Pussy Full Libra Moon, Tara Greene

This is a super powered very feminine Full Moon. I call it the PINK PUSSY Full MOON like the women’s resistance in the U.S. who were wearing Pink Pussy hats. This Full Moon indicates a further blossoming of that energy. 

The MOON is conjunct the FIXED STAR SPICA, signifying and marking, the Ear of Wheat in the Constellation of VIRGO, the Virgin’s left hand, at 23 degrees of LIBRA in Tropical Astrology. SPICA is a huge white dynamic star, 2300 times more luminous than our Sun. The light we see from coming from this Fixed Star is 275 years old. 

This star is considered BENEFICIAL, as it overcomes contentions, and removes scarcity and mischief. Rules emerald, periwinkle, sage, mugwort and mandrake or ginseng.  The star brings honors and fame, good fortune for scientists, artists, painters, sculptors and musicians. “If SPICA is conjunct JUPITER-as is the case now-“promise is given to people of humble origins, to enjoy protection, preferment and even wealth.” -4. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.57.

SPICA rules the navel. This is the hara, or 3rd chakra, connected to the will center. Focus on this chakra during your full moon meditations. 

“Spica is considered to bring psychic and spiritual energies to those who have Moon, Venus, Neptune or Lilith connected to it.” – The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.67. This book has been a mainstay of my astrology readings for man years. I have my natal VENUS conjunct Neptune on SPICA. 

According to ALICE BAILEY, in ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, VIRGO us one of the most symbolic signs for the whole goal of the evolutionary process. 

“VIRGO stands for the womb of the Goddess. In this constellation where the Full Moon falls, soul and body are blended. Its origins descend from ATLANTIS, and represent a female dominated society honoring the mothering principle, Ceres or Demeter. In Babyl she was Ishtar, Queen of the Stars, and in India she was identified with Kanya, the maiden and mother of Krishna. Medieval Christians saw her as the Madonna, in Roman times, as the Goddess Pax with her olive branch. She has been identified with the Saxon goddess Eoestre  whose name still survives as Easter, coming up soon. She has also related as Diana, Minerva, Athena, and occasionally as Urania, muse of astronomy.”

“By the Kabalists Spica is associated with the Hebrew letter Gimel and the 3rd Tarot Trump “The Empress.” [Robson p.66-67.]” which is VENUS.

Empress Tarot cards Tara Greene

We are pregnant with feminine possibility.

The SUN, evolutionary URANUS and Goddess of discord, ERIS in ARIES are opposite the Moon and JUPITER in LIBRA and squared by PLUTO in CAPRICORN. This is intense pressure. Venus in PISCES is born from the oceans of PISCES and the Cardinal Crosses are like the sand in the oyster, the tension which creates the beautiful pearls of wisdom. The Pearl which is sacred to the Moon. 

Venus born from the sea,

Birth of Venus, by Henri Pierre Picou,1874

CHIRON the shaman, is very close to Retrograde VENUS in PISCES indicating where the Divine Feminine is the most powerful as SOURCE of all life and where she is also the most wounded in her most vulnerability. Both are squared by SATURN at the GALACTIC CENTER. Our greatest vulnerabilities, our ability to love unconditionally, to forgive to be compassionate and our wounds and inherent spiritual natures are being put to the test. Saturn rulers all of the “real” the third dimension, and our very bones. Saturn’s placement at the Galactic center, further tests us at the boundless boundaries of the VOID, the COSMIC WOMB itself. This place 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS is where are souls enter and exit according to MAyan cosmology.  This full moon symbolizes a cosmic REBIRTH of all of humanity. 

Do CEREMONY at the Full Moon honor all the planets and especially VENUS and bring the LIBRAN balance back into your self, your relationships and in the world.

GEMSTONE: emerald, Herbs: periwinkle, sage, mugwort,clover and mandrake or ginseng.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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